New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 25AD/158

Historic NJ 25A Detour (25AD)/Historic NJ 158 Ends

25AD was renumbered to 158 in 1953. 158 was assigned to a railroad bridge pressed into use as a road bridge until it was closed and decommissioned between 1960 and 1966, at which point the approaches were removed.
Historic Western End

158 ended at Center St. (CR 508) and Park Place in Newark.

Looking west from Harrison, the original abutment of 158 remains along the water. 158 touched down at 508 just beyond and through the left corner of NJPAC, the building with the arched roof at center right of the first photo.

508 east from the former end of 158 to 21, both of which have been realigned.
Historic Eastern End

158 ended at 2nd St. in Harrison south of Essex St.

Looking east from 1st St., 158 east touched down in the middle of the white building on the left of this photo at 2nd St., which runs behind it.
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