New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 153

Historic NJ 153 Ends

153 was old NJ 3 in Secaucus. It was removed by 1980 and probably by 1979 upon completion of the Meadowlands Parkway interchange that obliterated the direct ramps between 153 and 3 east.
Historic Western End

153 ended along what is now Flanagan Way at 3 east in Secaucus.

3 east at the exit that replaced 153.

This sign on 3 east is referring to the service road exit through Secaucus, but it is located near a gas station along 3 east that has a rear exit to Flanagan Way, which is the closest way to replicate the original connection.
Historic Eastern End

153 ended at US 1/US 9 in Union City. It has been suggested this was pulled back to the 3/Paterson Plank Road interchange at some point, but there is no evidence.

Union Tpk. west in Bergen City, which became 153 west as it crossed 1/9.

495 west at the exit to 1/9 north, which merges with Paterson Plank Rd. and meets Union Tpk. at the 1/9 interchange and the historic east end of 153.
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