New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 152

NJ 152 Ends

The number 152 was first assigned to a short section of riverfront parkway (John Fitch Way) in Trenton south of the State House. This was absorbed by an extension of NJ 29 in the 1960s, enabling the number to be reused.
Western End

152 ends at Bay Avenue (Atlantic CR 635) in Somers Point.

Maryland Ave. east becomes 152 at Bay Ave.
Eastern End

152 ends at JFK Memorial Bridge from Egg Harbor Twp. into Longport.

Control Section 0122 is the beginning of 152 to the west, showing there is no state highway to the east over the bridge.

152 west begins at the west end of the bridge.

Looking east from Egg Harbor, JFK Memorial Bridge is to the left continuing past the end of 152.

152 is signed from Longport without using "TO". Photo taken by Scott Colbert.
Historic Alignment - Southern End

The original 152 ended at Ferry Street and NJ 29 in Trenton. They no longer intersect due to improvements to 29.

US 1 north from Pennsylvania at the first exit in New Jersey. This ramp intersects Ferry St. at Warren St. a block east of 29.
Historic Alignment - Northern End

The original 152 ended at 29 in what was then a traffic circle involving Memorial Dr. and Peace St. in front of the State House and Trenton War Memorial. The construction of the bypass of this circle that 29 now follows is why 152 was eliminated.
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