New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 151

Historic NJ 151 Ends

151 followed state-upgraded streets in what is now the Gateway section of Camden, connecting I-676 to US 30 and CR 537. It was transferred to the city sometime after 1969.
Historic Western End

151 ended at the I-676 interchange with Mickle Blvd. (now Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.) and 10th/11th Streets in Camden.

Mickle Blvd. east at 676 as 151 began.

676 north. Exit 5A leads into the split of 10th and 11th Streets, which were 151 east and west but have since been reconfigured.

537 (Federal St.) east under 676. The ramp to the right meged into 676 north Exit 5A.

676 south. Exit 5A led to the beginning of 151 east.
Historic Eastern End

151 ended at CR 537 (Federal St.) in Camden by US 30 west.

537 west at Flanders Blvd., the former beginning of 151 west.

537 east at Flanders Blvd.

30 west at the interchange with Flanders Blvd. just south of its end, and that of 151, at 537.
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