New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 6A/15

NJ 15/Historic NJ 6A Ends

6A was renumbered to 15 in 1953.
Southern End (Southern Segment)

15 ends at US 46 in downtown Dover. This is the historic end of the route and is intended to be decommissioned.

15 south turns onto Bergen Ave. north and ends at 46.

15 north begins heading south on Bergen Ave.
Northern End (Southern Segment)

15 ends at a dead-end at 46. It used to continue north under 46 on structure.

15 north dead-ends at the new 46 retaining wall.

15 north historically continued under 46.

46 west at Pequannock St. 15 dead-ends at the wall to the left.
Southern End (Northern Segment)

15 ends at US 46 in Dover. This is intended to be the future southern end of the route.

Looking north along the future beginning of 15 from 46. Photo taken November 2010.

Looking north from the former ramp from 46 west at its merge into 15 north. This path is the approximate new alignment of 15.

46 west at the future terminus of 15. 3rd and 4th photos taken March 2012.

15 south historically continued under 46.
Northern End (Northern Segment)

15 ends at US 206/CR 565 in Ross Corner.

15 north at its end. The right arrow has fallen from under the 565 shield. Last photo taken by Chris Mason.

206 south, with the beginning of 15 south straight ahead and 565 north to the left. 206 south is to the right. Taken by Chris Mason.

206 north, with 565 straight ahead and 15 to the right.
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