New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 139U

NJ 139 Upper (139U) Ends

Western End

139U ends at CR 501 just east of Tonnele Circle in Jersey City.

139U west at 501.

501 south from 139U to the next block, where there is a ramp down to Tonnele Circle and US 1/US 9. 139U does not follow this ramp and there is no corresponding ramp from the circle to 501 to access 139U east.
Eastern End

139U ends at 139 in Jersey City.

139 west. 139 is to the left toward 1/9 and 139U is to the right toward Kennedy Blvd./501.

139 east during reconstruction of the covered roadway. 139U east is atop the wall to the right and merges into 139 in the distance. 139U west is atop the wall to the left.
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