New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 139/US 1 Bus/US 9 Bus

NJ 139/Historic US 1 Business/Historic US 9 Business Ends

139 was originally US 1 Business and US 9 Business. 1 Business was removed in 1988 (and reused) and 9 Business was removed quite some time before then.
Western End

139 ends at 1/9 just west of Tonnele Circle in Jersey City.

139 west up to the last exit before 1/9 south merge into 139.

1/9 north exit the end of the Pulaski Skyway and 139 east begins from there.

As 1/9 north enter Tonnele Circle, the structure to the left carries 139 over the circle.

1/9 south inside the circle. Turning left leads to a left merge into 139 east.

The ramp from US 1 Truck/US 9 Truck north into Tonnele Circle. 139 east flies over the circle on the right and 139 west is on the left. The roadway splits to get around the 139 east bridge pier and then reconnects to the left merge into 139 east.
Eastern End

139 ends at the New York state line in the Holland Tunnel along I-78 in Jersey City.

78/139 east in the Holland Tunnel. Taken 7/3/99 by Ray Martin.

78 west in New York to the state line where 139 begins.
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