New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 133

NJ 133 Ends

Western End

133 ends at CR 571 in East Windsor.

133 west ends and continues into Windsor Center.

571 east.
Historic Eastern End

From the time it opened in 1999, 133 ended at NJ 33 in East Windsor. It was not clear whether the NJ Turnpike would construct a direct interchange to 133, because at that time they were still considering constructing NJ 92, and it was not clear if that would be along 133 or NJ 32 to the north. Once NJ 92 was scrapped in favor of widening the Turnpike mainline to Interchange 6, a new interchange was included and 133 was extended to the new toll plaza in 2013.

133 east at its historic end. Construction is beginning on the future 133 overpass of 33, and the new Milford Road overpass of the 133 approach to the Turnpike toll plaza is already in place in the last photo. Photos were taken August 2011.

133 west from 33 has been diverted around the edges of overpass construction in 2012.

133 began on the other side of the Turnpike from the old Interchange 8.
Eastern End

133 ends at I-95 (NJ Turnpike) in East Windsor.

133 east ends at the toll plaza. Photo taken by Lou Corsaro in 2013.

Looking south from NJ 33 along the future 133 connection to the Turnpike. 133 ends at the toll plaza that will be located beyond the retaining wall in the second photo. Photos taken October 2012 and August 2011 respectively.

133 west from the toll plaza with the 33 overpass still under construction. Photos taken by Lou Corsaro in 2013.

On the ramp from 133 east to 95 north.

95 north into Interchange 8 and the beginning of 133 at the toll plaza. Photos taken in 2013 by Lou Corsaro.
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