New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 129

NJ 129 Ends

Southern End

129 ends at Lamberton Rd. in Hamilton Twp. south of Trenton.

Lamberton Rd. west at the beginning of 129.

129 south at 29. 129 continues on the ramp signed to Lamberton Road.
Northern End

129 ends at US 1 in downtown Trenton at the west end of NJ 33.

129 north at the last intersection before merging with 1 north.

The entrance ramp from Stockton St. at the end of 33 provides access to the beginning of 129 south.

1 south.
Historic Alignment

The original designation of 129 was for the northern bypass of Trenton, which became 95M in 1974. See that page for photos.
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