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NJ 124 Ends

Western End

124 ends at US 202/CR 510 in Morristown. Until 1992, this was part of 24 and it continued through the town square.

124 west ends at 202/510.

On the southwest corner of the square, 202 south continues straight and 510/historic 24 west turn right. 510/historic 24 east proceed to the left where 124 begins.

124 begins at this corner.
Historic Western End

As noted above, 24 used the western section of 124 until 1992. 124 ended at Exit 7 on 24 while on 24's frontage roads in Summit and Millburn. 24 exited the incomplete freeway there.

24 west and 124 west entering the interchange. The sign on the right of the first photo and the two signs on the right of the second photo are over 124 west as it ended. 24 used what is now Exit 7B to merge onto the frontage road.

The three signs on the left of the first photo would not have been posted. 24 would have been signed on Exit 7A, though the exit tabs were added after 1992 as they are not button copy.

Historic 24 east entering the interchange. It used the next ramp onto the freeway and 124 east continued on the frontage road.

River Rd., Union CR 649, north under the interchange. All of these signs would have applied before 1992, as the ramp to 24 west would lead into the frontage road just before Exits 7B-7A.

JFK Parkway, Essex CR 649, south under the interchange. The signs relating to 124 west would have said 24 west, and "TO" would be "EAST" in the first photo.

The next ramp from CR 649 south merged into the frontage road still carrying 24 east, but 124 east began as soon as the next slip ramp to the freeway.

In this aerial photo, the freeway to the top is west and was closed until 1992; it extended some distance into Chatham before ending at a stub. 24 came in from the left. The 24 east slip ramp is just off the bottom right of this view, while 24 west used the slip ramp at right center onto the frontage road (the end of 124 west) and then followed the last loop ramp to head toward Madison.
Eastern End

124 ends at the Maplewood/Irvington border. Springfield Avenue continues to Newark and was once NJ 24, which 124 replaced.

Essex CR 603 east along Springfield Ave. as it enters Irvington.
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