New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 120

NJ 120 Ends

Southern End

120 ends at NJ 3 in East Rutherford.

120 south ends as it merges into 3 east. There is no longer a left branch to the ramp.

Looking northwest up the new 120 south ramp to 3 east.

The ramp from 3 east to 120 north joins the service road with access back to 3 west as 120 north begins.

3 east at the service road exit leading to 120 and the Meadowlands Sports Complex.

3 west.

In this aerial view, 120 south comes in from the left and ends by merging into 3 to the right. 120 north begins at top center.
Historic Northern End

120 ended at the south end of CR 503 until 1973, when the alignment northwest to NJ 17 was taken over from Bergen County.

503 north begins from 120 north. First photo taken 8/24/00 by Ray Martin.

503 south at 120. 503 north was signed with 120 north from 3, perhaps for continuity prior to the 1973 extension, but 503 south was not signed with 120 south.

Paterson Plank Rd. east, now 120 south, at the beginning of 503.
Northern End

120 ends at NJ 17 on the border of East Rutherford and Carlstadt.

120 north approaching its end. Paterson Plank Road continues and was at one time intended to continue NJ 20 (120's predecessor) northwest toward what remains as 20.

17 north.

17 south.
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