New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 11

Historic NJ 11 Ends

11 was designated from Pluckemin to Warrenville and there is evidence it was signed in Somerset County for some time. It would have approximated Lamington Rd. and River Rd. out of Whitehouse, and this may have been a provisional routing, but with an incomplete connection to the known eastern segment. This page assumes only the eastern segment was ever signed or considered a state route.
Historic Western End

11 ended along Washington Valley Rd. (former CR 525 Spur) at NJ 31 (now US 202/US 206).

202/206 south, historically 31 south. 11 east began to the left.
Historic Eastern End

11 ended along Mountain Blvd. (now CR 527) at Mt. Bethel Rd. (now CR 651, former CR 527 Spur) in Warrenville.

CR 651 north at 527. 11 west began to the left.

527 south at CR 651. 11 west began ahead.

CR 651 north from the end of 11.
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