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Historic NJ 10N Ends

10N was a remnant of pre-1927 NJ 10 until about 1937. It was probably only assigned to the state-maintained portion of the route, which is what is assumed below. However, all of original 10 (and thus including 10N) was temporarily part of NJ 6/US 46 until what is now 46 was completed around the south of Paterson. Once the current alignment of US 46 was complete east of Paterson, 10N was downloaded to Bergen County.
Historic Western End

10N ended along Market St. at NJ 3 (now 20) in Paterson.

Historically, 10N west ended here at 20. This was a circle and Market St. (temporary 6/46) continued west.

This state-erected bridge is just east of the historic west end of 10N across the Passaic River.

Remove the piers of I-80, and this was historic 3 north in the circle at the beginning of historic 10N.

In this westward view, Market St. (historic 10N) enters from bottom center, crosses the river, and ends at what is now the 20 interchange but was the former location of the circle. Market St. continued west (next to modern I-80) with temporary 6/46).
Historic Eastern End

10N ended along Essex St. at the Hackensack city line in Maywood and Lodi.
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