New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 10

NJ 10 Ends

Western End

10 ends at US 46 in Ledgewood.

46 west.

46 east. The dual left turn is onto 10 east.

First reassurance sign on 10 east.
Eastern End

10 ends at CR 577 in West Orange.

Essex CR 677 north at its end and the beginning of 10.

577 south at 10, which used to continue east as well. CR 677 is signed as 577 Spur.

577 north at the beginning of 10. 577 north turns right.

10 east at its end. 577 is straight and to the left, and CR 677 is to the right.
Historic Eastern End

Until 1953, 10 extended through Newark on county and city streets to end multiplexed with NJ 7 (and possibly NJ 9) at the former Charlotte Circle in Jersey City.

1/9 Truck south at the beginning of 7/historic 10 prior to construction of the new Wittpenn Bridge.

7/historic 10 east at their end, continuing on the ramp toward 1/9 south.
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