New Jersey Roads - Route Log - Ends - 1

Historic NJ 1 Ends

1 became NJ 440, US 1-9 Truck, US 1-9, and US 9W in 1953.
Original Southern End

1 ended in Bayonne at the former ferry docks at the south end of Hudson (now JFK) Blvd. until the Bayonne Bridge opened in 1931.

Historic Hudson Blvd. south toward the former ferry docks by the water.

Looking east, the ferry docks were just beyond the foot of the bridge at left.

1st St. west from the south end of JFK Blvd.
Historic Southern End

1 ended at the New York state line on the Bayonne Bridge.

The first two photos look south on the Bayonne Bridge, where the state line is mid-span, and the third photo looks west, where 1 begins at the state line mid-span and heads right.
Original Northern End

1 ended at what is now CR 501 at the New York state line in Rockleigh until being redefined in 1929.

What is now501 north becomes NY 340 north.

NY 340 south at the state line. Taken 12/1/02 by Charlie O'Reilly.
Historic Northern End

1 ended at the New York state line along US 9W in Alpine.

9W south from New York entering New Jersey. First photo was taken by Bill Mitchell.

9W south in 1973, taken by Michael Summa.

9W north entering New York.
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