New Jersey Roads - NJ 73 - N. of NJ Tpk.

NJ 73 north of the NJ Turnpike

The first signs north of the Turnpike NB, at Fellowship Rd. (Burlington CR 673). Notice the strange font on the Fellowship Rd. sigh - very old-fashioned - then look back at the 73 South sign on the main page on the other side of Fellowship Rd. I wonder if they're related?

Strangely, the shields without state names appear older. NB.

And SB.

NB after CR 561 unmultiplexes from 73.

The upcoming exit for Cross Keys Rd. in Berlin, CR 689, heading SB. That's why the EXIT ONLY arrow is pointing hard right - it'll be turned 90 degrees (and centered) when that exit opens.

All NB. The first and last NJ 90 signs are a bit off in font - the second one looks better. If the N in NORTH is to be bigger, so should be the J in JCT. And the 1/2 should be more like - i.e. smaller numerals.

Two SB photos, courtesy Scott Colbert.

Now SB, including a confusing BGS that's just telling you about a U-turn possibility, but instead makes you wonder if you accidentally left NJ 73.

Hylton Rd. NB at NJ 73 in (south of) Palmyra.

Starting on the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge at the border, up to the first BGS in New Jersey that just happens to be button copy - it's for CR 543 NB (River Rd.).

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