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Extra yellow space around the shield is a hallmark of the late 1960's, but reflective button copy dates from at least a decade later; I would believe these original shields are from just before 1980, and somehow managed to miss the replacement scourge that took out all of the other ones on NJ 55. So that I don't have to break the photo run again, I included the next sign southward, with very small writing and no shields. It's button copy and unlike any other in New Jersey.

See, these confuse me, because unlike the CR 621 shields above, these CR 553 shields have no extra yellow space around them, but are still clearly originals.

There is a one-sided collector-distributor road at Exit 32, helping the southbound cloverleaf weave. The last two photos' rightmost signs are over that road. Maybe the northbound C-D road will be built later (MUCH later), as was done on US 1 at CR 533.

After the end of the BGS's, one of the LGS-ed exits has this grand button-copy non-reflective exit sign that is original to the Millville bypass, the first part of the freeway completed.

For some reason, the southern few miles of NJ 55 use LGS's instead of BGS's - the only LGS's I've ever seen in NJ with exit numbers. The numbers in the fraction should be spaced more horizontally from the slash, and ideally the exit tab would be right-aligned instead of justified. The last two are courtesy Scott Colbert.

Unlike the northbound side (see the NJ 47 page, link below), the southbound side of NJ 55 gets shielded mileposts, but the MILE 20.0 doesn't belong here. Why not - after all, doesn't NJ 55's centerline end at Mile 20.00? (If you checked the straight line diagrams either before or after reading that, take a point.) Yes, but NJ 47 SB has already merged in from the right, as that milepost tells you, meaning that for all intents and purposes NJ 55 SB is done, regardless of where the northbound side begins. What might be nice is to move the 55 milepost up a bit and tack an END above it.

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Exit 58 to CR 621
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Exit 56A to NJ 41
Exit 53 or 45 to CR 553
Exit 50 to US 322
Exit 39 to US 40
Exit 32 to NJ 56
Exit 26 to CR 555
Exit 24 to NJ 49
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