New Jersey Roads - NJ 55 NB

NJ 55 northbound

First sign heading north from NJ 47 at the beginning of NJ 55 - does this mean bicycles ARE allowed on the freeway? They're specifically taped over.... Courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Older LGS's from below where there are BGS's, second one courtesy Scott Colbert.

Note that the Exit 32B BGS has an original, not tacked-on, SR shield, whose numerals are fading in a pattern as if they were painted on. Since the sign is reflective background, it can't be that old a shield.

Final photo is courtesy Doug Kerr.

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Exit 26 to CR 555
Exit 32 to NJ 56
Exit 45 or 53 to CR 553
Exit 50 to US 322
Exit 56 to NJ 47
Exit 56A to NJ 41
Exit 58 to CR 621
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