New Jersey Roads - NJ 52 - Causeway Bridge

NJ 52 Causeway Bridge construction

Looking west from Ocean City at new bridge construction rising behind the old drawbridge, still hanging onto life in December 2010. I wonder how the old bridge feels seeing its replacement tower above it? Hopefully there's no animosity. Where there are no NB girders yet, there's reinforcement steel poking out of the piers, waiting for pier caps (compared to the SB side already built and you'll see a large horizontal concrete beam - that's a cap).

Closeups of the new NB lanes going in next to the completed SB side and of the old drawbridge soon to be removed and forgotten.

From Somers Point south over the first bridge, also known as the World War Memorial Bridge (old enough that there had only been one World War), with the rest of the highway in the background. This one's also a drawbridge, and its replacement isn't nearly as far along. I wonder if that has to do with the condition being better than the southern one or whether it's just that one had to be built first so that the machinery could be freed up for the other one. Probably a combination of both.

One look back north just as I've started crossing the first bridge.

Across the islands of Great Egg Harbor Bay (why not just Great Egg Harbor?), NJ 52 is just getting widened in place - and that even goes for the bridge along the way. It must have already been replaced recently.

Now across that last bridge and down into Ocean City where I started the page. Because the new bridge is so close to the old one, there's not quite enough room to build all the NB lanes at once. I assume that they'll put in as much as they can, shift traffic onto the new SB side, then complete the NB side as the existing bridge is demolished. (Crying in pain all the while.)

Looking back north at the end of the SB structure (which will need to be built up and paved down to meet 9th St.) and then the new and old bridges side by side.

Two SB photos and one NB photo along 9th St., with attendant widening on this side just like there was on the other. Hey, if you're going to increase bridge capacity, better be prepared to get more traffic to it and off it.

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