New Jersey Roads - NJ 35 NB

NJ 35 northbound

Heading north from NJ 35's dangling end.

I can only wonder how old and cool the NJ 35 shield underneath this old NORTH banner must have looked.

A drive north to Mantoloking on original pavement. The police/fire dept. is that of Toms River, which owns a few of the beaches on this barrier peninsula. This is 2013, so there's a lot of Hurricane Sandy devastation about.

This is missing things. "OCEAN COUNTY" things.

At Bridge St. (CR 632, leads to NJ 13) with a couple of houses to emphasize the historic district, and the last photo is approaching the twin ends of NJ 34 and NJ 70.

At the beginning of NJ 138, which becomes I-195 after passing through Wall. By the way, Brick and Wall are next to each other. I would be very amused if Wall took over Brick one day, though given their relative sizes and growths, it's more likely Brick would take over Wall.

Scott Colbert's northward view of the new Belmar Bridge across the Shark River. Hopefully the NB lanes open by the end of the 2005 construction season, seeing as how they were almost finished in summer 2004.

The second photo is on Deal Road EB, with one of many faded LGS's along NJ 35. That's a sticker, not a miniature 35, which you can only tell by getting right up next to the sign. New York is a bit odd for a control city, as there are several notable NJ towns before then, such as Red Bank, and the best way to New York is really the Garden State Parkway. (Following 35 will eventually only get you to Rahway...)

NJDOT got around to replacing the shields on some of those faded LGS's, and most are dead on. This LGS shield apparently experienced some sort of shrinkage in transit, so even though it shows up just fine (which this photo doesn't demonstrate), it makes you want to tear your corneas out.

Thanks to Lou Corsaro's sunroof, this is NB signage at the intersection with NJ 36, which was once a traffic circle. Note that NB-WB traffic gets a left-turn lane, as opposed to SB-EB traffic's jughandle. Also, NB traffic gets BGS's, while SB traffic has faded LGS's (see the SB page, link below). In fact, NJ 35 goes from undivided (north of the intersection) to divided here, which may account for those differences.

The northern end of NJ 71 and a very unfortunate (but luckily corrected) arrow error by NJDOT, courtesy Scott Colbert. If north is straight ahead, there's no way east can be left. It would have been fine to keep the arrow if the CR 537 shield were on the right side of the sign with the 71 shield, because Broad St. does go left here - but I'm not sure you can even make a left anyway (you can't SB).

The next traffic light north of NJ 71 has this non-reflective LGS on NJ 35 NB, for Monmouth CR 13 (linked below).

Another one of those really old bridges, from Keyport north of NJ 36 courtesy Jon Zois. SHR 4 was better known as the route of US 9, which switched with NJ 35 to take the inland route early on in their lives.

US 9 gets another mention in this caption, because on its duplex with NJ 35 is where these little shields pop up. Except this one is well before the two routes merge, so it must just be here to prepare people for what's to come.

The NB offramp that is Broadway in Keyport (one of four Monmouth CR 6s) but is also for Monmouth CR 516, with little directional initials in the two-way arrow that are becoming increasingly common (there's one at Middlesex County 514 on the SB side). CR 501 has another one where it branches from NJ 27 (which, coincidentally, is the route that NJ 35 ends at to the north).

See the SB side for the caption to this bridge exiting Laurence Harbor - basically, you're crossing a converted railroad bridge on the NB side, while the SB side was the original.

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