New Jersey Roads - NJ 33 - NJ 133/I-95 construction

NJ 33 construction at NJ 133/NJ Turnpike

August 2011

EB through I-95/NJ Turnpike interchange construction. The old trumpet is being taken out and replaced with a direct connection to NJ 133, and the Turnpike is adding a full 3-lane roadway on each side. NJ 33 itself just passes through all of that without reaping any of the benefit.

Now westbound, looking north at the new onramp to what will become the NJ 133 flyover and south at the future Milford Rd. overpass of the future NJ 133 as it approaches the future relocated Turnpike Exit 8 toll plaza. The best part is, I'm writing all of these "futures" after it has already been open for awhile.

The future Milford Rd. connection, necessary because it used to come straight into the end of NJ 133 at NJ 33.

Continuing west under the Turnpike, then up onto the old interchange. The last photo looks north at the "infield" area between the curl of the SB offramp and the south side of NJ 33, which will be used to construct the new SB Turnpike Inner and Outer Roadway ramps to NJ 133.

All of these photos are on the east side of the Turnpike as I take the ramp to I-95 NB. The first is setting up an abutment for the future NB Inner onramp where it will cross the future NB Outer Roadway. (The existing Turnpike in each direction will become the Inner Roadway). The next two photos look south at construction of the Outer Roadway and the new NB offramps.
October 2012

The SB Outer Roadway is coming along quite nicely, almost ready for the NJ 33 overpass.

The NJ 133 overpass was the last piece to be installed of this puzzle. Once the new Interchange 8 opened on the east side of the Turnpike, the SPUI at NJ 33 was bastardized to temporarily allow through movements during construction. But for the first time, NJ 133 made sense. No longer would traffic backtrack half a mile east and follow a jughandle just to loop back around to the west. Now it's an intuitive through movement that actually makes traffic want to bypass Hightstown, and I can tell you it has made quite a difference. (Some trucks still haven't figured it out, though.) It seems the abutment faces are in full-on concrete curing mode, but as I noted, the overpass took longer to come in here than for the Turnpike Outer Roadways.
January 2013

All photos from this month are courtesy Lou Corsaro. The first stage of the new Interchange 8 had just opened, allowing I-95 NB traffic to exit to NJ 33 and cross (at grade) to NJ 133.

Eastbound views of the NJ 133 overpass taking shape.

Yes, you saw orange shields. The arrow, whatever, but the shield should always be white.

Westbound through the work zone. Of course, the left turn will be to I-95/NJ Tpk. once the entrance opens (both directions' ramps open at once to avoid confusion). The last photo looks down Monmouth St., CR 633 and former NJ 33.

Bonus coverage from December 2013, when all the new ramps have opened: looking south along the former Interchange 8 onramp and the former toll plaza exit after the plaza has been removed, but still with an E-ZPass sign hanging out.

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