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NJ 3 construction - Passaic River/Rutherford

In July 2013, the old Passaic River bridge is out, and NJ 3 is using the new C-D road bridges for the time being. Traffic is shifted south in Rutherford while the new north edge of NJ 3 is constructed.

A number of views of the under-construction Passaic River bridge in October 2012. NJ 3 EB is on the future C-D road, WB is on the old EB lanes, and the old WB lanes are going to be taken out to complete building the new WB C-D road. After that, WB moves all the way over to the new C-D road, the old EB lanes come out, and the new bridge goes in the middle.

NJ 3 over the NJ 21 interchange ramps (foreground) and parallel railroad (back right) in May 2013.

Passaic River progress in August 2013, building the foundations of the new bridge. The railroad overpass west of NJ 21 is closer to completion (8th photo), and work is underway to add a lane each way from there to the next interchange at Main Ave.

Through Rutherford in September 2013 toward the new C-D road outer bridge while the mainline inner bridge is replaced.

This photo run starts at Main St. and runs through the NJ 21 interchange. You can see the future EB C-D road bridge in the last photo.

Alternative views of construction from the ramp to NJ 21 SB, looking up at the future C-D road in December 2011.

Under the Park Ave. bridge, getting reconstructed in February 2010 to handle future improvements to NJ 3. Finally, instead of being six crowded lanes, 3 will expand out to at least four lanes each way plus shoulders. I'm amazed that fits between the two frontage roads (though Rutherford Ave. is hardly a frontage road, it being a major two-way arterial).

Now crossing the Passaic River on the new C-D road bridge in 2014 while the mainline inner bridge is being reconstructed.

Through Rutherford, up to the entrance from Rutherford Ave. with the wrong font.

Some of NJ 3's oldest signs have been removed, as they are in the path of the new lanes and shoulder. The contractor squished the 17 shields on the temporary signs.
NJ 3 WB (non-construction)
NJ 3 EB (non-construction)
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