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Drive the new NJ 29 tunnel south through Trenton!

Signage at the south end of 29, with the first photo courtesy Scott Colbert. Now, advance signage has been replaced with the new destination of Belmar - yet the signage immediately at the interchange remains. The last BGS should probably read "END 29 BEGIN I-195", because even though the actual transition occurs underneath I-295, traffic doesn't have a lot of choices before then. Exit 60 is an I-295 number, but for some reason both I-195 and NJ 29 share it. It shouldn't be numbered at all from this direction, and should either be 0A-B or also nothing from I-195; see the I-195 page for more on this rant.

Ignore that one reassurance post; in reality, NJ 129 begins in the second photo (these are both northbound). It's built along an old railroad alignment as an at-grade expressway, intended to relieve pressure from Trenton's waterfront, which came in handy when NJ 29 was closed for tunnel construction. (Actually, the reason there was room to stick the freeway next to that railroad, which is still used, is because there had been a canal there once.)

The new NJ 29 tunnel that brought the freeway from I-295/195 and the expressway from the north together. As you can see, it's not really a tunnel, but a cut-and-cover (a depressed freeway - not sad - with a roof). This allows the SB side (which I'm on in these photos) to be open to the Delaware River, since there's nothing else between the two. Don't forget to click the link at the top or bottom of this page to drive this tunnel in video form.

Now into the enclosed northbound half of the tunnel.

Old rail viaduct crosses NJ 29 (facing south) and the Delaware River into PA.

Old-style square shield on the expressway part of 29.

NJ 175 is old NJ 29, and skirts the entire I-95/NJ 29 interchange (a pair of surface 3-Y's) except for one ramp that takes NJ 29 SB (shown here) traffic to I-95 NB. this photo is courtesy Lou Corsaro. South of here, NJ 29 becomes a divided parkway and later on will be a freeway in Trenton.

Snazz! Old white sign still stands.

Entering Lambertville from the south, the one-way street to the left is Main Street. It was once NJ 29 both directions, then after becoming one-way, was STILL NJ 29 both directions. Huh? That situation was finally fixed by putting both directions on the road to the right, which is where signage has them. That road is short NJ 165, a remnant of the original NJSHR 29 that followed NJ 29 through 165 into NJ 179 eastward, along the route of US 202 to Somerville. And hey, wasn't US 22 NJSHR 29 from Somerville eastward? Gee...

One from Lambertville, NJ 29 NB following NJ 179 SB to get back from NJ 165 to the original 29 alignment. Lambertville presents its historic downtown straight ahead.

Alexauken Creek Rd. WB from US 202, the last exit on that road before the Delaware River toll, ending at NJ 29.

SB and NB (well, on the NB side but facing the Delaware River), there hasn't been a railroad here for probably decades.

Psych! This isn't the end at all, but rather the end of state maintenance before Frenchtown. NJ 29 legislatively ends at NJ 12, except Frenchtown keeps the part inside town, and I guess they don't like people to know their dirty little secret. Signs at NJ 12 (follow link in this caption) show TO 29, as well.

Drive the new NJ 29 tunnel south through Trenton!
NJ 165 and NJ 29/165

State St. in Trenton, old NJ 29

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