New Jersey Roads - NJ 27

Above: the first SB reassurance, on Poinier Street just after NJ 27 SB begins from Broad Street. Not bad, but the turn onto Frelinghuysen Ave. and Frelinghuysen itself are both not signed, either on the surface or from US 22 (which is where the US 1&9 shield is pointing you). NJ 27 is much of the original Lincoln Highway, which ran from New York, through the Holland Tunnel, and ran down to Trenton before crossing the old Trenton Makes bridge.

NJ 27 mainline photos
Old Millstone River bridge in Kingston

A view of the arrow-straight original Lincoln Highway. After it was improved over an original turnpike, also arrow-straight, NJSHR 26 became US 1 and took the Lincoln Highway with it. US 1 remains there to this day.

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Want to find an old shield? Head off the mainline, to Aaron Rd. at Hidden Lake Drive.