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NJ 18 NB

Wait a minute... if NJ 18 begins here at NJ 138, why is there a northbound exit to 138? It's the only extra ramp opened to traffic in the interchange, and I don't know why the corresponding WB-SB-NB ramp isn't also open. I also don't see any reason to U-turn here, as there's nothing between here and the next opportunity to the east.

The last photo is from Brighton Ave. EB at Exit 7 (Marconi Rd. is to the right).

Heading NB on the NJ 18 freeway, just south of the Garden State Parkway and about to leave the alignment that would have been part of the aborted NJ 35 freeway for what was always intended to be NJ 18.

The way things were constructed, it's a pain to go most ways between NJ 18 and the Garden State Parkway (even intuitive paths like SB on the GSP to SB on 18), and signage isn't that informative in some directions.

I'm given to believe that the NJ 18 freeway once ended a little south of US 9, and was upgraded to there from divided arterial by closing some median crossings; signage at US 9 clearly has the EXIT 30 tacked on at a later date.

The Tower Center exit crosses the Turnpike onramp.

Sure, if NJDOT wanted to do it right, they could separate US 1 SOUTH and NJ 18 NORTH into two BGS's, those being two separate routes and all. Or at least add a "TO." Two of the four corners (SW and NE) of the original Westons Mill Pond bridge are sandwiched between the signs. If this still carried both sides of NJ 18, there would still be a SB sidewalk that would let me walk up and see what's stamped into the SW column.

The old (pre-reconstruction) beginning of NJ 172, courtesy Scott Colbert, in a place where there was once a much older NJ 172 shield, I believe in the gore. NJ 172 is old NJ 18 in New Brunswick, though it ends at Commercial Blvd. A few blocks to the west, NJ 171 comes in and carries the old 18 to its former end at NJ 27, though the old end was a circle.

Same sign, two times of day. The advance sign (first photo) is probably original to the construction of NJ 18 along the river to NJ 27 (when the old alignment became NJ 172 along George Street).

The old end of NJ 18, which just ramped down into 27. The NB 27-SB 18 surface street ramp still has traces of the original alignment.

This is really the second George Street exit, the first being for NJ 172 (and also having but two LGS's to tell you what it is). Actually, as you can see in the very last photo, the "TO CR 527" is the third George St. exit - that sign is for George St. WB traffic splitting between staying on George and joining NJ 18 NB.

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