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NJ 18 - Non-Directional

This is the merge from the former NJ 138 EB-18 NB ramp into the short mainline stub. Notice that unlike most stubs, this one is fully paved and striped. The only reason the lanes end in grass is because of the conversion of this interchange to a trumpet - EB-NB traffic now uses the former EB-SB ramp and curves around into the mainline.

DOT vehicles doing something at the southern end of the roadway.

You can see that the SB roadway clearly didn't get the same attention the NB one did. You can also see clearly where the new trumpet ramp cuts across the old highway.

This piece of ramp was intended to go from NJ 138 EB (right) to NJ 18 SB (left).

Looking northward, I find it amusing that two lanes were grassed out, but the original merge lane for the EB-NB loop ramp not only exists (presumably for DOT access), but has lane stripes as if it were part of the freeway - in other words, it's treating the grass as another lane!

Hope Rd. NB and SB, respectively, at NJ 18 Exit 13A, first photo courtesy Scott Colbert.

East Brunswick goes the California way and gives block numbers on the street sign.

Past the tollbooth for I-95, the NJ Turnpike, then along the NB ramp before it splits again for car and truck lanes.

NJ 18 SB proceeds under a brief deck before meeting with the original freeway end at NJ 27. This deck represents years of engineering to find a way to extend NJ 18 toward I-287.

The beautiful train viaduct over NJ 18. You may have seen Lou Corsaro's name sprinkled about these pages (if not, scroll up); well, his great-great-grandfather helped build this viaduct, among many along the Northeast Corridor rail line in New Jersey, coming from Italy just for the construction and then returning.

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