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NJ 17

At, and then on, Island Road EB. The old shield under the JCT is cool and spiffing, the little LWS for the onramp somewhat pooey and bipping.

NJ 17 NB
NJ 17 SB

NJ 3/17 interchange service road

Bergen CR 55, Old NJ 17
Franklin Tpk. (CR 507), Old NJ 17

Orient Way SB at Rutherford Ave., NJ 17 on the south side of NJ 3. If NJ 17 had been completed as planned as a four-lane divided highway to the south, this would be unnumbered (probably a county road) as would the rest of 17 on Ridge Rd. Clifton is an NJ 3 destination, not NJ 17, because no one except locals is looking for Ridge Rd. anyway.

Courtesy HNTB Corporation, first photo at Union Ave. The second photo is in the immediate vicinity of US 46, but I don't know which side of the highway it's on, or which structure. At least it's here at all, to teach you that until NJ caved to New York's route numbering, this was NJSHR 2. Once most of NY 17 dies in favor of I-86, I think this should go back to being 2.

Into New York on NY 17
Unbuilt NJ 17 freeway on Steve Anderson's
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