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Examples of brown street overhead signs in Newark, both on Raymond Boulevard. These look just like other traffic signal overheads statewide, except with block numbering. This is for the James Street Historic District.

Rare big blue button copy sign, especially rare for the streets of a city. This is Washington St. NB at Academy St. The original text obscured by "PARKING", completely invisible in daylight but brought out by the magic of flash: "PARK AND LOCK" "Parking Garage".

I don't know where this Port Authority sign is, but if I found out, they might replace it.

Port Authority signs that have been retired, but can be found at none other than the (now former) PA building in Newark (Gateway 2). Now that they've moved to the new World Trade Center, good luck seeing these.

Summer Ave. looking across an old bridge from the Newark border to Mill St., and looking back across the bridge into Newark where it becomes Mt. Prospect Ave. These photos also encompass the entirety of Spur CR 672, which may well be Essex County's shortest county route.

It's a good thing I'm looking for Roseville Ave., which I assume is still open. This error was on Orange Ave. WB near the NJ 58 stub (see link below).

The airport counts as part of Newark, so here I am on the inbound roadway. The old brown signs have kept up well enough, though mostly replaced by modern, reflective green ones, but this primitive VMS element has decidedly not. Let's see... Alternate Pick Up/Drop Off ("Alternate" is on the top line, completely obscured), Daily/Hourly Lot Full (Daily and Hourly are on top of each other), FULL (giant letters). Yes, that seems to cover it. This is why VMS were subsequently invented.

Fun fact: Penn Station counts as a bridge, because it spans multiple streets. Photos are from Raymond Plaza on the east side of the station, looking north toward the Dock Bridge (1935/1937 twin spans) across the Passaic River.

Looking down at the Dock Bridge from the former PA offices at 2 Gateway.

Broad Street
Jackson Street Bridge
CR 602, Lyons Ave.
Spur CR 506, Bloomfield Ave.
CR 508: Central Ave., Park Pl., Bridge St.
CR 509, Grove Street
CR 510, South Orange Avenue
NJ 21, McCarter Highway
NJ 27, Frelinghuysen Avenue
Former NJ 58
US 1-9
US 22
I-95/NJ Turnpike
Garden State Parkway
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