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Morris County

I don't really know what to do with these, so I'll put them up front. Trader Joe's (see if you can guess where) had a local artist exhibition, and just look at the theme! Never mind that I-78 barely misses Morris County and the Garden State Parkway doesn't come close. The thought definitely counts. Show me all of your artists who draw road signs in publicly used places. That's what I thought.

The northern end of CR 615 (Espanong Rd. NB at Edison Rd.) and a couple other shields. The last one is on Kenvil Ave. SB from US 46.

If you really want to find this ugly sign, look along Changebridge Rd. SB at Van Riper Ave. I stress "if."

All on the same route and direction.

Morris County directional signs from bygone times. The legible one is on CR 601 NB turning from Dicksons Mill Rd. onto Spring Valley Rd. in Green Village. The illegible one on CR 646 WB (Shunpike Rd.) points to Green Village at CR 647.

A two-fer on West Blackwell St. at Prospect St. in Dover.

Watchung Ave. NB in Chatham at Fairmount Ave. I was driving randomly at night, so if I'm wrong correct me.

Plenty more of the suckers courtesy Greg Pniewski: CR 636 (Loantaka Way) WB and EB at Shunpike Rd. (CR 628) and WB just to the east at Woodland Rd. Same Shunpike Rd. as before, different number, because CR 646 turns onto the western half of Green Village Rd. The Rt. 24 sign (referring to the original routing until 1992) is so old that the colors have switched places - the green has faded into white, and the white letters peeled off to reveal the original green sign backing.

All these cool signs from back when the wards were full of laughter, crying, and general mayhem stand as a happy reminder that not all of society needs to conform. Or talk normally, or wear clothes, or refrain from eating their own skin.... The hospital is in the process of being replaced with a new facility, and all these old buildings full of nooks and holes and other places that can be exploited by mad people will be torn down, beautiful architecture notwithstanding.

Mt. Pleasant Ave. WB at Mt. Hope Rd. (CR 661) north of Dover.

A curvy, old, gravel back road, Hacklebarney Rd. NB.

A straight, old, paved town road, Elm St. EB in Madison.

The nearly 80-year-old bridge on Passaic Avenue, connecting Chatham in Morris County and Millburn in Essex County (and ultimately Livingston, since this part of Millburn is just woods). As you can see, it's in pretty terrible shape, though it's still horizontal.

Another old bridge, Calais Rd. over India Brook (I think).

Lamerson Rd. heading west from US 206 (again, I think), Pottersville Rd. SB, and Four Bridges Rd. EB over the South Branch Raritan River. The typical Chester street sign proves I was there.

Berkshire Valley Rd. SB just south of I-80. It looks like part of the tunnel was hewn from the rock instead of formed from concrete.

River Rd. WB and then onto Drakestown Rd. WB. The first time, not after heading down River Rd. awhile when it then meets Drakestown again.

On Harter Road near James St., south of Morristown off of I-287.

Exiting Jockey Hollow at Tempe Wick Rd. This sign doesn't feel 20 years old, so it probably postdates the decommissioning of western NJ 24.

Mercer St. at Richards Ave., Dover.

There's another Crouse-Hinds blinker a block away on Richards Ave. at Union St.

Older Parsippany street signs that were inserted into 3D housings, similar to West Orange in style and color.

One of a few embossed signs along Lake Parsippany and another on CR 638.

Another old CR 638 sign, EB on Meyersville Rd.

There are three Morris Counties in the U.S., and the other two are in Texas and Kansas. Given that this sign is at the Connecticut Trolley Museum in East Windsor, CT, and that practically everything else at the museum is from the east coast, I brought it over to this page.

Former Boonton Station
Ridgedale Ave., CR 608/632
Eagle Rock Ave., CR 611
Sussex Ave./Tpk., CR 617
Park Ave., CR 623
Littleton Rd., CR 630
Main St. (Lincoln Park), CR 633
S. Beverwyck Rd./Troy Hills Rd., CR 637
W./E. Hanover Ave., CR 650
Mt. Hope Rd., CR 664
Old Chester Rd., CR 671
Paterson-Hamburg Turnpike, CR 694 (old NJ 23)
Flanders-Drakestown Rd., Mt. Olive
International Dr., Mt. Olive
Jefferson Rd., Hanover
Smith Rd., Parsippany
Troy Meadow Rd., Parsippany
Vreeland Ave., Boonton
Columbia Tpk., CR 510
Old NJ 24 with CR 510
CR 511
Alt. CR 511
CR 513
NJ 10
NJ 15
NJ 24
NJ 53
NJ 124
US 46
US 202
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