New Jersey Roads - Meadowlands Pkwy.

Meadowlands Parkway, Secaucus

Heading south from NJ 3 to the next traffic light at Harmon Plaza. "Only" doesn't apply when you can travel more than one direction, and especially when you can no longer see which directions you're allowed to head.

Signs get very interesting very quickly heading NB, sandwiched around a sidelong look at the original NJ 3 Hackensack River crossing (now carrying 3 eastbound only). Your guess is as good as mine as to who installed the NJ 3 advance sign, but at best it's Secaucus, and at worst it's one of the companies located along the Parkway. It has to be as old or nearly as old as Meadowlands Parkway itself. Click on the West NJ 3 photo for a crackly closeup.

SB signs from the top of the road, and perhaps also as old as the Parkway. There's something not quite right about the little green signs.

Private property signs along the SB side, the first mounted on a NJ 3 EB bridge column but behind a fence, and the second on a gate ending a stub driveway that bears to the right (so if you can see the sign, your speed limit should be 0). Now take a look at the first photo and see if that fence doesn't look funny. Kinda... upside-down? No, the fence is fine. The state employees only sign is actually upside-down and the photo has been flipped.

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