New Jersey Roads - Monmouth Log - 516-571

Monmouth Log - CR 516-571


ends at Middlesex County
[Aberdeen](Matawan)New Brunswick Ave
MatawanNew Brunswick Ave, [Broad St](Main St (NJ 79), Main St), Main St
AberdeenLower Main St
KeyportMaple Pl, overpass, W 4th St, Maple Pl, Green Grove Ave
HazletMiddle Rd
HolmdelMiddle Rd, Laurel Ave, NJ 35
MiddletownNJ 35, Cherry Tree Farm Rd, Leonardville Rd
ends at Memorial Pkwy (NJ 36)
ends at Maple Pl (516)
KeyportGreen Grove Ave
ends at 1st St (6)

old #locationdatewas
66Middlesex County to NJ 799/10/1902
NJ 79 to NJ 34 (Broad St)
NJ 34 to Main St (Broad St)10/20/1935? 11/20/1935? 4/4/1945?
65NJ 34/NJ 79 to NY&LB RR (Main St)7/26/1902Jersey Central Traction Co
64NY&LB RR to NJ 357/26/1902Jersey Central Traction Co
NJ 35 to Green Grove Ave6/21/1939
Maple Pl to Hazlet/Holmdel line2/6/1935
Hazlet/Holmdel line to NJ 35 north2/20/1935
58NJ 35 south to NJ 363/8/1922? 3/10/1922?
Maple Pl to 62/6/1935


ends at Middlesex County
MarlboroRobertsville Rd, Newman Springs Rd
[Colts Neck](Marlboro)Newman Springs Rd
HolmdelW Main St, E Main St
MiddletownNewman Springs Rd
[Tinton Falls](Red Bank)Newman Springs Rd
[Shrewsbury Boro](Red Bank)Newman Springs Rd
Red BankBroad St (NJ 35), Broad St, Pinckney Rd
Little SilverPinckney Rd, Branch Ave (11), Rumson Rd
[Rumson](Little Silver)Rumson Rd
RumsonRumson Rd, Sea Bright-Rumson Bridge
Sea BrightSea Bright-Rumson Bridge
ends at Ocean Ave (NJ 36)

520 is locally maintained west of US 9 in Marlboro.

old #locationdatebecamedatebecamedate
US 9 to NJ 795/25/1989
26NJ 79 to 44/12/1899
444 to Old Mill Rd4/15/1903? 10/12/1910?
44Old Mill Rd to Cross Ln~1926
44Cross Ln to NJ 35 south4/15/1903? 10/12/1910?
50NJ 35 north to 11[W] north4/12/1899?Broad St, Red Bank 2/13/19082/16/1912NJ 35 9/1/1919?~1923
4511[W] north to 11[E] north3/8/1916?
4611[E] north to 11 south3/8/1916?
4711 south to Little Silver/Rumson line3/8/1916
Little Silver/Rumson line to 34?2/23/1939
34 to Sea Bright-Rumson Bridge
Sea Bright-Rumson Bridge
old road west of Shrewsbury RiverRumson Rd, Rumson 12/20/1981
47old road east of Shrewsbury River2/4/1920Rumson Rd, Sea Bright 12/20/1981
Old Mill Rd4/15/1903? 10/12/1910?Old Mill Rd, Holmdel 12/20/1981


ends at Middlesex County
ManalapanJamesburg-Englishtown Rd
EnglishtownWood Ave, Water St, S Main St (527), Tennent Ave
ManalapanFreehold-Englishtown Rd
Freehold TwpFreehold-Englishtown Rd
Freehold BoroThrockmorton Rd
ends at W Main St/E Main St (537)

522 is locally maintained east of Haley St in Freehold Boro.

old #locationdate
19Middlesex County to 527 north
22527 south to Englishtown/Manalapan line7/7/1923
22Englishtown/Manalapan line to Haley St (old Freehold Twp/Freehold Boro line)6/12/1901


ends at Mercer County
Upper FreeholdYardville-Allentown Rd
AllentownYardville-Allentown Rd, S Main St, S Main St (539), N Main St (539)
Upper FreeholdOld York Rd (539)
[Upper Freehold](Washington {Mercer County})Old York Rd (539)
Upper FreeholdNew Canton-Stone Tavern Rd
MillstoneStagecoach Rd
[Freehold Twp](Millstone)Monmouth Rd (537)
[Freehold Twp](Manalapan)Monmouth Rd (537)
Freehold TwpElton-Adelphia Rd
HowellAdelphia-Farmingdale Rd
FarmingdaleW Main St, Main St
HowellLakewood-Farmingdale Rd, Allaire Rd
WallAllaire Rd, Atlantic Ave, Allenwood Rd, Allaire Rd
Spring Lake HeightsAllaire Rd
ends at Manasquan Tpk (NJ 71)

old #locationdatewasbecamedate
2Mercer County east ~.25 mi7/19/1911NJ 37 ?10/17/1972
2east of Mercer County to 539 south?7/19/1911
1539 south to 526
3526 to 539 north
7539 north to Wrightsville
9Wrightsville to Clarksburg
14Clarksburg to 52710/8/1902
24527 to 537 east5/21/1902Freehold & Smithville Turnpike
29537 east to US 99/22/1926
23US 9 to Adelphia?6/7/1901Freehold & Howell Plank Road
30Adelphia to Farmingdale12/13/1899
34Farmingdale to 547 south12/13/1899
34547 south to Spur 52411/11/1909
Allenwood Rd
71Allenwood Rd to NJ 7110/5/1921
71old road on both sides of Garden State Parkway10/5/1921?Allaire Rd, Wall12/20/1981

Alt. 524

ends at Adelphia-Farmingdale Rd (524)
HowellSquankum-Yellow Brook Rd
ends at Lakewood-Farmingdale Rd/Allaire Rd (524/547)

524 to 524/54711/21/1967

Spur 524

ends at Allenwood Rd (524)
WallAtlantic Ave
ManasquanAtlantic Ave
ends at Broad St/N Broad St (20)

The NJDOT SLD shows Spur 524 going north on 20 and east on 49 to end at NJ 71, but this is not signed or in the county SLD.

old #locationdate
34524 to 2011/11/1909


ends at Mercer County
AllentownChurch St, Main St (524/539), Waker St
Upper FreeholdWaker St
[Allentown](Upper Freehold)Waker St
Upper FreeholdAllentown-Red Valley Rd
MillstoneTrenton-Lakewood Rd
ends at Monmouth Rd/Ocean County (537)

old #locationdate
1Mercer County to 524/539
4Allentown? to 43?6/20/1923?
443? to Upper Freehold/Millstone line6/12/1923
4Upper Freehold/Millstone line to 5372/4/1925

Alt. 526

ends at Old York Rd (524/539)
Upper FreeholdAllentown Bypass
ends at Allentown-Red Valley Rd (526)

524/539 to 526recently


ends at Ocean County
Freehold TwpSiloam Rd
[Manalapan](Millstone)Smithburg Rd
ManalapanSweetmans Ln, Millhurst Rd, Conover St
EnglishtownConover St, Park Ave, S Main St, N Main St, Wilson Ave
ManalapanWilson Ave

old #locationdate
Ocean County to 524/53712/6/1966? 1/17/1967?
15524/537 to 18/4/1920
171 to Kinney Rd
18Kinney Rd to 36/8/1898
3 to Alt. 5275/17/1939
Alt. 527 to Park Ave
19Conover St to High Bridge Rd
19High Bridge Rd to 522 west
66522 west to Middlesex County5/21/1930?

Alt. 527

ends at Sweetmans Ln/Millhurst Rd (1/527)
[Manalapan](Millstone)Woodville Rd, Iron Ore Rd
ManalapanIron Ore Rd
ends at Conover St (527)

old #locationdate
527 to NJ 336/1/1971
NJ 33 to Dugans Grove Rd
16Dugans Grove Rd to High Bridge Rd12/12/1895
High Bridge Rd to 527


ends at Ocean County 730 feet west of Loverman Rd
[Plumsted {Ocean County}](Upper Freehold)Monmouth Rd
[Jackson {Ocean County}](Upper Freehold)Monmouth Rd
[Jackson {Ocean County}](Millstone)Monmouth Rd
[Freehold Twp](Millstone)Monmouth Rd, Monmouth Rd (524)
[Freehold Twp](Manalapan)Monmouth Rd (524), Monmouth Rd
Freehold TwpFreehold-Smithburg Rd
Freehold BoroW Main St, E Main St, E Main St (NJ 79), E Main St
Freehold TwpColts Neck Rd
Colts NeckColts Neck Rd
Tinton FallsTinton Ave
EatontownTinton Ave, Main St (NJ 35), Broad St (NJ 71)
[Eatontown](Oceanport)Broad St (NJ 71)
OceanportEatontown Blvd
West Long BranchBroadway
ends at Myrtle Ave/Long Branch

537 is locally maintained between NJ 33B and NJ 79 in Freehold Boro.

old #locationdatewasbecame
Burlington County to 730 feet west of Loverman Rd5/8/1935Ocean County 537 ?
730 feet west of Loverman Rd to Upper Freehold/Millstone line5/8/1935
Upper Freehold/Millstone line to 524 west12/20/1933
24527 to NJ 33B5/21/1902Freehold & Smithville Turnpike
24NJ 33B to NJ 79 south7/9/1913W Main St, Freehold Boro ?
42NJ 79 north to F&AH RR7/9/1913
42F&AH RR to NJ 346/12/1901Freehold & Colts Neck Turnpike
42NJ 34 to 13A6/12/1901Tinton Falls Turnpike
4213A to NJ 356/12/1901?Tinton Falls Turnpike
51NJ 71 south to West Long Branch/Long Branch line4/9/1901


ends at Monmouth Rd/Ocean County (537)
Upper FreeholdTrenton-Forked River Rd, Allentown-Davis Station Rd
AllentownHigh St, S Main St (524), N Main St (524)
Upper FreeholdOld York Rd (524)
[Upper Freehold](Washington {Mercer County})Old York Rd (524), Old York Rd
ends at Herbert Rd/Mercer County

old #locationdatebecamedate
Ocean County to 27/HornerstownNJ 37 ?10/17/1972
27/Hornerstown to 27/Burlington PathNJ 37 ?10/17/1972
527/Burlington Path to Upper Freehold/Allentown line4/9/1902
1Upper Freehold/Allentown line to 526
3Allentown? to 524 east6/13/1919
6524 east to Herbert Rd6/13/1919
6Herbert Rd to Mercer County6/13/1919Mercer County 539 ?


ends at Ocean County
HowellLakewood-Farmingdale Rd, Lakewood-Farmingdale Rd (524)
FarmingdaleMain St (524), Asbury Ave
HowellAsbury Rd
WallAsbury Rd, Asbury Rd (NJ 33), Shafto Rd
Tinton FallsShafto Rd
EatontownWyckoff Rd
ends at Broad St (NJ 71/537)

The Monmouth County SLD shows a spur going south from the north/east split with NJ 33 to Wyckoff Rd on NJ 34, but I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else.

old #locationdate
31Ocean County to 5494/11/1900
31549 to 524 east12/13/1899
69524 west to NJ 33 west10/9/1907
NJ 33 east to 164/21/1937
16 to 5111/20/1935
51 to NJ 717/3/1935


ends at Ocean County
WallHerbertsville Rd
HowellHerbertsville Rd, Herbertsville Rd (21)
ends at Lakewood-Farmingdale Rd/Old Tavern Rd (21/547)

Ocean County to 214/19/1939
21 to 5474/21/1937


ends at Monmouth Rd/Ocean County (537)
MillstoneTrenton-Lakewood Rd (526), Millstone Rd, Stagecoach Rd (524), Rising Sun Tavern Rd
RooseveltClarksburg Rd, S Rochdale Ave, N Rochdale Ave
MillstoneN Rochdale Ave, Perrineville Rd
ends at Mercer County

old #locationdate
526 to 5246/1/1971
524 to Millstone/Roosevelt line6/7/1939
in Roosevelt5/19/1964
Roosevelt/Millstone line to 16/7/1939
101 to Mercer County1/8/1896? 7/20/1911?

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