New Jersey Roads - Monmouth Log - CR 31-40A

Monmouth Log - CR 31-40A


The NJDOT SLD shows 31 continuing east to the New York & Long Branch RR, but this is incorrect.

Wickapecko Dr to Deal Lake10/20/1937Corlies Ave, Ocean 4/22/2004


ends at Neptune Blvd/NJ 36 (NJ 35)
EatontownWall St
[Eatontown](West Long Branch)Wall St
West Long BranchWall St
[West Long Branch](Long Branch)Wall St
ends at Norwood Ave (25)

NJ 35 to 2511/17/1937


ends at Atlantic Ave (29)
Long BranchPort Au Peck Ave
OceanportMonmouth Blvd, Seven Bridges Rd
Little SilverSeven Bridges Rd
ends at Rumson Rd (520)

29 to S Shrewsbury River
S Shrewsbury River to N Shrewsbury River1/19/1938
N Shrewsbury River to 5204/19/1939


ends at Broad St (11)
Red BankHarding Rd
[Little Silver](Fair Haven)Harding Rd, Ridge Rd
[Rumson](Fair Haven)Ridge Rd
RumsonRidge Rd, Avenue of Two Rivers
ends at Rumson Rd (520)

old #locationdate
11 north to Red Bank/Little Silver line7/5/1939
Red Bank/Little Silver line to Harding Rd?3/22/1939?
Harding Rd to 105/17/1939
4810 to 520?


ends at Main St/W Main St (524)
FarmingdaleN Main St
HowellColts Neck Rd
ends at NJ 33

524 to NJ 334/19/1939
NJ 33 to Earle4/19/1939Leland Rd, Howell 11/21/1967? 11/7/1968?
inside Earle4/19/1939Earle [road]?
Earle/NJ 18 to NJ 344/19/1939Leland Rd, Colts Neck 12/20/1981


ends at NJ 36
MiddletownThompson Ave, Ocean Ave
ends at Bayside Pkwy

NJ 36 to Bayside Pkwy3/8/1939


old #locationdatebecame
3925 to 578/11/1899Brighton Ave, Long Branch recently
3957 to ocean8/11/1899?Brighton Ave, Long Branch 12/20/1981


ends at Green Grove Rd
Tinton FallsWayside Rd, Shafto Rd (547), Wayside Rd
ends at Tinton Ave (537)

Hope Rd to relocation at Garden State Pkwy5/17/1939
relocation at Garden State Pkwy
547 to 5375/17/1939
old road from Garden State Pkwy to 5475/17/1939Wayside Rd, Tinton Falls 12/20/1981

CR 38 photos


ends at Stone Rd (6)
Union BeachFlorence Ave, Front Ave, Union Ave
ends at Stone Rd (NJ 36)

Monmouth County considers section 4 of 6 to be another section of 39, in addition to 6.

6/Stone Rd to 6/Broadway10/19/1965
6/Broadway to NJ 365/17/1939


old #locationdatebecame
82NJ 35 to Wickapecko Dr5/23/1934Sunset Ave, Ocean 4/22/2004


ends at W Sylvania Ave (NJ 35)
[Avon-By-The-Sea](Neptune Twp)Memorial Dr
[Avon-By-The-Sea](Neptune City)Memorial Dr
[Bradley Beach](Neptune City)Memorial Dr
[Bradley Beach](Neptune Twp)Memorial Dr
Neptune TwpMemorial Dr
Asbury ParkMemorial Dr
ends at Monroe Ave

According to the NJDOT SLD, 40A is locally maintained north of Springwood Ave in Asbury Park. That doesn't make much sense.

NJ 35 to Monroe Ave

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