New Jersey Roads - Monmouth Log - CR 21-30

Monmouth Log - CR 21-30


ends at Squankum-Yellow Brook Rd (Alt. 524)
HowellSouthard Ave, Manassa Rd, Old Tavern Rd, Herbertsville Rd (549), Allenwood Rd
WallSquankum Rd, Allenwood-Lakewood Rd
Brick {Ocean County}Allenwood-Lakewood Rd
WallAllenwood-Lakewood Rd
ends at Atlantic Ave/Ramshorn Dr (Spur 524)

Alt. 524 to 5477/16/1968? 11/7/1968?
547 to 5244/21/1937


ends at Main St (527)
EnglishtownMatawan Rd
Manalapan Gordons Corner Rd
ends at US 9/Tennent Rd/Morganville Rd (3)

old #locationdate
21527 to Englishtown/Manalapan line7/5/1923
21Englishtown/Manalapan line to Conmack Ln
Conmack Ln to US 912/18/1980


ends at Ocean County
Freehold TwpJackson Mill Rd
ends at Elton-Adelphia Rd (524)

Ocean County to 5242/23/1939
524 to US 92/23/1939Jackson Mill Rd, Freehold 12/20/1981


old #locationdatebecame
80US 9 to 524~1927Wyckoff Rd, Howell 11/21/1967




ends at US 9/Park Ave (NJ 33)
Freehold TwpManalapan Ave
Freehold BoroManalapan Ave
ends at W Main St (537)

old #locationdatewasbecamedatebecame
78NJ 33B to ~Bowne Ave6/12/1901Manalapan & Freehold TurnpikeNJ 7 5/1/1920~1926
78~Bowne Ave to 5377/9/1913NJ 7 5/1/1920?~1926
537 to NJ 79NJ 7 5/1/1920?Lincoln Pl, Freehold Boro ~1926
NJ 79 to Freehold Boro/Twp lineNJ 7 5/1/1920?Jerseyville Rd, Freehold Boro ~1926
Freehold Boro/Twp line to NJ 33BNJ 7 5/1/1920Jerseyville Rd, Freehold Twp ~1926


old #locationdatebecame
56NJ 33 to 52210/4/1933Wemrock Rd, Freehold 12/6/1966? 1/17/1967?


ends at Norwood Ave (NJ 71)
West Long BranchCedar Ave
Long BranchCedar Ave
ends at Ocean Ave (57)
ends at Cedar Ave (25)
[Long Branch](West Long Branch)Norwood Ave
Long BranchNorwood Ave
ends at Broadway

old #locationdate
37NJ 71 to Norwood Ave5/12/1892
37?Norwood Ave to Westwood Ave1/10/1900
Westwood Ave to 5710/17/1972
40Cedar Ave to Broadway5/12/1892




ends at Monmouth Rd (537)
Upper FreeholdHolmes Mill Rd, Burlington Path Rd
ends at Meirs Rd
ends at Holmes Mill Rd (27)
Upper FreeholdArneytown-Hornerstown Rd
ends at Trenton-Forked River Rd (539)
ends at Monmouth Rd (537)
Upper FreeholdMain St
ends at Arneytown-Hornerstown Rd (27)

old #locationdate
5537 to P&H RR4/9/1902
P&H RR to Meirs Rd?7/5/1934
Holmes Mill Rd to Main St9/7/1938
Main St to 5397/5/1935? 7/5/1939?
Main St7/5/1935? 7/5/1939?


ends at Mercer County
Upper FreeholdOld York Rd
AllentownOld York Rd
ends at Allentown-Yardville Rd/S Main St (524)

Mercer County to 5247/5/1933


old #locationdatebecame
8Mercer County to Middlesex/Monmouth county line7/20/1911Disbrow Hill Rd, Millstone 6/1/1971




ends at Monmouth Blvd (33)
OceanportShrewsbury Ave, Branchport Ave
Long BranchBranchport Ave, Atlantic Ave
ends at Ocean Ave

33 to Branchport Creek6/21/1939
Branchport Creek? to Atlantic Ave?6/23/1937
Branchport Ave to Ocean Ave


ends at Port Au Peck Ave
OceanportMyrtle Ave
ends at Monmouth Blvd (33)

Port Au Peck Ave to 33?12/19/1962
537 to NJ 366/23/1937Myrtle Ave, Long Branch 12/20/1981
NJ 36 to Branchport Creek6/23/1937


ends at Atlantic Ave (524)
WallW 18th Ave
ends at NJ 34
ends at Allenwood Rd
Wall18th Ave, New Bedford Rd, 18th Ave
South Belmar18th Ave, F St
BelmarF St
ends at 8th Ave (NJ 71)

524 to NJ 3412/6/1944
Allenwood Rd to F St/18th Ave9/22/1937
F St/18th Ave to 18
18 to NJ 717/21/1937
old road from Garden State Parkway/NJ 34 to Allenwood Rd9/22/193718th Ave, Wall 12/20/1981

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