New Jersey Roads - Monmouth Log - CR 11-20

Monmouth Log - CR 11-20


ends at Pinckney Rd (520)
Red BankBroad St
ends at Harding Rd (34)
ends at Port Au Peck Ave
OceanportOceanport Ave
Little SilverOceanport Ave, Branch Ave, Branch Ave (520), Branch Ave
Red BankBranch Ave
ends at Harding Rd (34)
ends at Broadway (537)
West Long BranchOceanport Ave
OceanportOceanport Ave
ends at Port Au Peck Ave

In the 1937 renumbering, 11 was assigned to three roads in the corridor from Long Branch to Red Bank. The main one ran along Oceanport Ave and Branch Ave from Broadway in Eatontown to the Red Bank city line. Pinckney Rd went west from Branch Ave as another part of 11, ending at Broad St. Broad St ran both ways from Pinckney Rd to NJ 35 and Front St (10) as the final section. The Pinckney Rd section and Broad St south of Pinckney Rd became part of 520 in the 1953 renumbering. Additionally, Branch Ave from Pinckney Rd south to Rumson Rd (old 13B) became part of 520, but this stayed as 11 as well.
A realignment of 11 at Oceanport was taken over on 12/5/1978, with the former alignment being given to Oceanport on 5/17/1977. However, a locally maintained section of Port Au Peck Ave serves as part of the new alignment, so 11 is now cut into two parts there. Recently, Broad St north of Harding Rd (34) was given back to Red Bank. In exchange, the county took over Branch Ave from the Red Bank line north to 34.

old #locationdatebecamedatebecamedatebecame
50520 to 344/12/1899Broad St, Red Bank 2/13/19082/16/1912NJ 4 9/1/1919?~1923
5034 to 104/12/1899Broad St, Red Bank 2/13/19082/16/1912NJ 4 9/1/1919?~1923Broad St, Red Bank recently
Port Au Peck Ave to Main St12/5/1978
70Main St to NY&LB RR3/12 or 22/1922?
46NY&LB RR to 520 east3/22/1922
46520 east to 520 west3/8/1916?
46520 west to Little Silver/Red Bank line3/22/1922
Little Silver/Red Bank line to 34recently
70537 to Port Au Peck Ave3/12 or 22/1922?
70Port Au Peck Ave to Main St3/12 or 22/1922?E Main St, Oceanport 5/17/1977


ends at W Front St (10)
MiddletownHubbard Ave, Nut Swamp Rd, Dwight Rd
ends at Red Hill Rd/Van Schoick Rd (52)

12 was defined in the 1937 renumbering as two sections of road. The first was an old section of state road (paralleling NJ 35) through Middletown. Part of this road has been abandoned; the road crossed NJ 35 onto Harmony Rd, bore left on Old Country Rd, crossed NJ 35 again onto Cherry Tree Ln, and then bore right back to NJ 35. The other section of 12 had been 52; it became 12A by 1939. 12 was soon abandoned by the county. Its number was then unused until part of Nut Swamp Rd was taken over in 1943 and numbered 12 (since it was near 12A). This was gradually extended.

old #locationdatewasbecamedatebecame
10 to Shadow Lake4/20/1960
Shadow Lake to 503/25/1943? 4/7/1943?
50 to 528/17/1965
35 north to 50 northbetween 1900 and 7/1/1901NJ 4 7/20/1918~1929Kings Hwy, Middletown ?
50 south? to 35 south6/11/1901Middletown & Keyport TurnpikeNJ 4 6/1/1919~1929Kings Hwy, Middletown 3/25/1943


ends at Hubbard Ave/Nut Swamp Rd (12)
MiddletownNavesink River Rd
ends at Oceanic Bridge/Locust Point Rd (8A)

12A was designated as 12 in 1937; it became 12A by 1939. It originally only went from NJ 35 to McClees Creek, but was eventually extended on both ends.

old #locationdate
12 to NJ 354/20/1960
52NJ 35 to McClees Creek?4/11/1900
McClees Creek to 8A3/25/1943


ends at Broad St (NJ 35)
[Shrewsbury Boro](Tinton Falls)Shrewsbury Ave
[Shrewsbury Boro](Shrewsbury Twp)Shrewsbury Ave
[Shrewsbury Boro](Tinton Falls)Shrewsbury Ave
Red BankShrewsbury Ave, Rector Pl
ends at Bridge Ave/Prospect Pl (NJ 35)

In 1937, a bunch of roads were numbered 13. The only one that was still 13 in 1939 was Shrewsbury Ave, an alternate to NJ 35; this had been 72. Former 43 from Tinton Falls to Little Silver became another piece of 13; this became 13A by 1939. The other section of 13, which became 13B by 1939, used Rumson Rd east from Branch Ave (11) to the Little Silver/Rumson line, along former 47.

old #locationdate
72?NJ 35 to 13A10/8/1930
7213A to 5208/21/1929
520 to NJ 357/8/1936

CR 13 photos


ends at Tinton Ave (537)
Tinton FallsSycamore Ave
Shrewsbury BoroSycamore Ave
[Shrewsbury Boro](Little Silver)Sycamore Ave
Little SilverSycamore Ave
ends at Branch Ave/Oceanport Ave/Willow Dr (11/13B)

13A was numbered 13 in 1937 and became 13A by 1939; it has not changed since, except for a short extension on the east.

old #locationdatewas
43537 to 136/12/1901?Tinton Falls Turnpike
4313 to NY&LB RR3/11/1903? 2/26/1925? 3/4/1925?
NY&LB RR to 13B3/22/1939


ends at Branch Ave/Oceanport Ave/Sycamore Ave (11/13A)
Little SilverWillow Dr, Prospect Ave
ends at Rumson Rd (520)
ends at Prospect Ave (13B)
Little SilverChurch St
ends at Rumson Rd (520)

The Rumson Rd section of 13 from 1937 became 13B by 1939. On 2/23/1939, the county took over Rumson Rd east to 34 (10 at the time). Soon after, a spur was added going southwest to Little Silver railroad station, with a short spur of its own to cut a corner. The Rumson Rd section became 520 in the 1953 renumbering, but the spur is stil 13B.

old #locationdate
11 to 520, including spur3/22/1939


14 was assigned in 1937 to several routes in Long Branch. One section, formerly 37, went along Cedar Ave from NJ 71 east to Westwood Ave. A second continued up Westwood Ave to the end; this had probably been 38. 39, Brighton Ave from Norwood Ave east to the ocean, also became 14, as did 40, Norwood Ave from Cedar Ave north to Broadway. In the 1953 renumbering, the numbers 25 and 37 were freed up. The Norwood Ave and Cedar Ave sections became 25, and Brighton Ave became 37, leaving only Westwood Ave as 14. 14 was recently given back to Long Branch, and has been resurrected on West Park Avenue (once thought to be 58).

old #locationdatebecame
38?25 to 3rd Ave1/10/1900Westwood Ave, Long Branch recently

ends at Green Grove Rd
OceanW Park Ave
ends at Monmouth Rd (15)


ends at Deal Lake Dr (NJ 71)
Asbury ParkMain St
InterlakenMain St, Grassmere Ave, Westra St
OceanMonmouth Rd
West Long BranchMonmouth Rd, Locust Ave
ends at Broadway (537)

15 was assigned in 1937 for the route, formerly 41, from Asbury Park through Interlaken to West Long Branch. It has stayed the same since.

old #locationdate
41NJ 71? to NJ 711/13/1913
NJ 71 to 5376/5/1935


ends at Naval Weapons Station Earle
Colts NeckAsbury Ave
Tinton FallsAsbury Ave
[Neptune Twp](Ocean) Asbury Ave, Asbury Ave (NJ 66), Asbury Ave
Neptune TwpAsbury Ave
Asbury ParkAsbury Ave
ends at Main St (NJ 71)

In the 1937 renumbering, 36, along Asbury Ave, became 16. At that time, the road was county-maintained from Five Points Rd to the Asbury Park boundary. When Naval Weapons Station Earle opened, 16 was abandoned through it, and it was later abandoned west of it. It still goes right up to the weapons station on the east side.

old #locationdatebecame
NJ 33 to Freehold/Howell line3/22/1939Asbury Ave, Freehold 12/6/1966? 1/17/1967?
Freehold/Howell line to Five Points Rd?3/22/1939Asbury Ave, Howell 11/21/1967? 11/7/1968?
Five Points Rd? to EarleAsbury Ave, Howell 11/21/1967? 11/7/1968?
Earle west boundary to NJ 34Earle [road]?
36?NJ 34 to Earle east boundary2/18/1931Earle [road]?
36?Earle to Green Grove Rd3/8/1911? 2/18/1931?
36Green Grove Rd to NJ 66 west3/27/1909?
36NJ 35 to Ridge Ave3/27/1909?
Ridge Ave to NJ 715/4/1960


ends at Corlies Ave (NJ 33)
Neptune TwpOld Corlies Ave
ends at Corlies Ave (NJ 33)
ends at Old Corlies Ave (17)
Neptune TwpW Bangs Ave
ends at Asbury Park
ends at Corlies Ave (NJ 33)
Neptune CityW Sylvania Ave
ends at NJ 35
ends at Shark River
Neptune TwpLakewood Rd
Neptune CityEast End Ave
emds at W Sylvania Ave (17)
ends at W Sylvania Ave (17)
Neptune CityNeptune Ave
Neptune TwpTaylor Ave
ends at 6th Ave (2)
ends at Main St/ramp (NJ 35/NJ 71)
Avon-By-The-SeaSylvania Ave
ends at Ocean Ave (18)

17 was assigned in 1937 to a bunch of roads in the Neptune area. At the time, the following roads were part of 17, some of which got suffixes by 1939:
pre-1937 number1939 number
7717Old Corlies AveNJ 33 to NJ 33
17West Bangs AveOld Corlies Ave to Asbury Park
3517Steiner Ave/Atkins AveNJ 35 to Summerfield Ave
83176th Ave and related roadsNJ 33 to Ocean Ave
17Neptune Ave6th Ave to Sylvania Ave
8217ASunset AveNJ 35 to Wickapecko Dr
7517BBond StNJ 71 to Asbury Park
17C9th AveNJ 35 to Ocean Ave

10th Ave in Belmar was added in 1937, and became another 17C by 1939. In 1938, Evergreen Ave in Bradley Beach was added as another 17. West Sylvania Ave was added in 1939, and East End Ave was added at some point as a spur from West Sylvania Ave. The numbers 2, 5, and 40 were freed up in the 1953 renumbering, and were used to help the confusion with 17. The 6th Ave route became 2, the Steiner Ave route became 5, and the Sunset Ave route (17A) became 40. It appears it was then that Evergreen Ave became 17A. Sylvania Ave in Avon was added in 1964, and 17 hasn't changed since then, though all the suffixed spurs of it have disappeared.

old #locationdatewas
77NJ 33 to NJ 336/17/1925NJ 33
Old Corlies Ave to Neptune/Asbury Park line11/20/1935
NJ 33 to NJ 356/7/1939
Shark River to Sylvania Ave
Sylvania Ave to 6th Ave5/8/1935
NY&LB RR to 185/19/1964


17A was numbered by 1939 along Sunset Ave west of Asbury Park, which had been 17 in 1937. This was never connected to any section of 17, which is probably why it became 40 in the 1953 renumbering. It appears that, at the same time, the Evergreen Ave section of 17 became 17A. This was removed in 1968.

NY&LB RR to NJ 712/9/1938
NJ 71 to 18 2/9/1938Evergreen Ave, Bradley Beach 10/15/1968


The Bond St section of 17 became 17B by 1939, and was removed in 1981.

old #locationdatebecame
75NJ 71 to Wesley Lake4/20/1925Lake Ave, Ocean Grove 12/20/1981

17C and 17D

9th Ave and 10th Ave in Belmar, originally 17, became 17C by 1939. At some point, 10th Ave was renumbered to 17D, but it was changed back in the 1953 renumbering. 9th and 10th Aves may have been a one-way pair; apparently most streets in Belmar are one-way during the summer and two-way at other times. The roads were given back to Belmar in 1965.

NJ 35 to 184/3/19359th Ave, Belmar 10/19/1965
NJ 35 to 186/23/193710th Ave, Belmar 10/19/1965


ends at Main St (524/547)
HowellBelmar Blvd
WallBelmar Blvd
BelmarBelmar Blvd, 16th Ave
ends at Ocean Ave (18)
ends at NJ 34
WallMegill Rd
ends at Belmar Blvd (18)
ends at 1st Ave (49)
Spring LakeBrown Ave, Ocean Ave
BelmarOcean Ave
Avon-By-The-SeaOcean Ave
Bradley BeachOcean Ave, Lake Terrace Dr
ends at Main St (NJ 71)

Pre-1937 32 went from Farmingdale to Belmar. A bit of this near Belmar became NJ 35 in 1935, and the rest became 18 in the 1937 renumbering. Megill Rd was added at some unknown time to cut the corner to NJ 34. In 1966, 18 was extended east to the ocean, and eventually also north and south along the ocean, now running from Spring Lake to Bradley Beach.

old #locationdate
32524/547 to NJ 355/5/1920
NJ 35 to Ocean Ave12/6/1966
Brown Ave? to 16th Ave10/18/1979? 11/29/1979?
16th Ave to Lake Terrace Dr10/1/1968
Ocean Ave to NJ 719/7/1971


19 was assigned in 1937 to former 71, from Allaire east to Spring Lake. This became part of 524 in the 1953 renumbering.


ends at NJ 70
WallOld Bridge Rd
[Wall](Brielle)Old Bridge Rd
ManasquanSouth St, Broad St, N Broad St
Wall8th Ave
ends at 7th Ave (NJ 71)

old #locationdatebecame
Manasquan River to NJ 70 west5/20/1931Old Bridge Rd, Brielle/Wall 12/20/1981
NJ 70 east to NJ 355/20/1931
76NJ 35? to Brielle/Manasquan line4/9/1902? 1/31/1927?
Brielle/Manasquan line to Main St? 49?5/20/1969
?Main St to 4910/18/1921
7449 to NJ 714/9/1902

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