New Jersey Roads - Monmouth Log - CR 1-10

Monmouth Log - CR 1-10


ends at Rochdale Ave (571)
MillstonePerrineville Rd, Sweetman's Ln
ends at Smithburg Rd (527/Alt. 527)

In the 1937 renumbering, 1 was assigned to the roads from Mercer County (on Old York Rd) to Long Branch via Freehold, using former county roads: an unknown route, parts of routes 2 and 1, and routes 3, 7, 9, 14, 24, 42, and 51. In the 1953 renumbering, this became 28B, 524, and 537. A new 1 was created from what had formerly been part of 3, running from Mercer County (on Perrineville Rd) to Carrs Corners. When 571 was assigned, the westernmost section became part of 571; the rest lives on as 1.

old #locationdate
10571 to Baird Rd1/8/1896? 7/20/1911?
10Baird Rd to Millstone Rd1/8/1896? 11/22/1921?
12Millstone Rd to Charleston Spring Rd11/23/1921
11Charleston Spring Rd to 527?


ends at Corlies Ave (NJ 33)
Neptune CityOxford Way, Shoreham Rd
Neptune Twp6th Ave
Neptune City6th Ave
Neptune Twp6th Ave
Bradley BeachBrinley Ave
ends at Ocean Ave (18)

2 was assigned in the 1937 renumbering to the roads from Adelphia to Manasquan, which had been routes 30 and 34. This was renumbered as part of 524 and all of Spur 524 in the 1953 renumbering, and a new 2 was created from one of the spurs of 17.

old #locationdate
83NJ 33 to 186/6/1934


ends at Millhurst Rd (527)
ManalapanMain St, Tennent Rd, Morganville Rd
MarlboroMorganville Rd, Tennent Rd, Matawan to Freehold Rd (NJ 79), Lloyd Rd
AberdeenLloyd Rd
[Hazlet](Aberdeen)Lloyd Rd
KeyportBroadway, Nappi Pl
ends at Maple Pl (516/)

3 was assigned in the 1937 renumbering to the roads from the Mercer County line on Perrineville Rd to Morganville, former routes 10, 12, 11, 17, 18, 20, and 27. The part from Carrs Corners to Tennent became part of 527 in the 1953 renumbering, and the part of 3 southwest of Carrs Corners was renumbered as a newly-formed 1. On 5/3/1966, a northern extension of 3 from Morganville to west of Keyport was taken over by the county.

old #locationdatewas
18527 to 5226/8/1898? 9/18/1915?
20522 to Manalapan/Marlboro line9/18/1915
27Manalapan/Marlboro line to NJ 79 south7/10/1901Manalapan & Patten's Corner Turnpike
NJ 79 north to Marlboro/Aberdeen line5/25/1989
Marlboro/Aberdeen line to NJ 348/5/1975
NJ 34 to 5165/3/1966


3A was assigned from a section of former 23 in the 1953 renumbering. It disappeared in 6/1/1971.

old #locationdatebecame
13Baird Rd to NJ 336/8/1898Conover Rd, Millstone 6/1/1971


ends at Boundary Rd
Colts NeckCrine Rd
ends at Conover Rd (4)
ends at Rolling Mill Creek
Colts NeckConover Rd, NJ 34, South St
HolmdelS Holmdel Rd, Holmdel Rd
HazletKeyport-Holmdel Rd, Main St
KeyportMain St, Broad St
ends at 1st St (6)

In the 1937 renumbering, 4 was assigned from Marlboro to Vanderburgh, with another section branching from the route just west of Vanderburgh and going north to Keyport. This was formed from pre-1937 routes 25, unknown, 60, and 79. No changes have been made to 4 since then, except for the removal of the Marlboro section on 5/25/1989.

old #locationdatewasbecamedate
25NJ 79 to Boundary RdVanderburg Rd, Marlboro 5/25/1989
25Boundary Rd to Conover Rd
25Rolling Mill Creek to Crine Rd
Crine Rd to Colts Neck/Holmdel line3/20/1935
Colts Neck/Holmdel line to 52011/18/1931
60520 to NJ 356/12/1901Holmdel & Keyport Turnpike
79NJ 35 to Main St north6/12/1901Holmdel & Keyport TurnpikeNJ 4 6/1/1919~1926
79Main St north to 611/7/1912NJ 4 6/1/1919?~1926


Conover Rd in Marlboro was originally assigned as part of 5 in the 1937 renumbering; I don't know its pre-1937 number. By 1939 it became 5A. The 1953 renumbering saw 5 become 520 and a new 5 formed in Neptune, so 5A was renumbered to 4A. It was given back to Marlboro on 5/25/1989.

520 to NJ 797/17/1935Conover Rd, Marlboro 5/25/1989


ends at W Sylvania Ave (NJ 35)
Neptune CitySteiner Ave
Neptune TwpAtkins Ave
ends at Asbury Park

5 was designated in the 1937 renumbering as the roads from Bradevelt to NJ 35 south of Red Bank, using former 26 and 44. A spur was designated on Conover Rd in Marlboro; by 1939 this was 5A. In the 1953 renumbering, all of 5 became 520, and 5 was reassigned as one of the many sections of 17. It's not clear when, though it was probably after 1953, but the section of Atkins Ave in Asbury Park was eventually given back to the city.

old #locationdatebecame
35NJ 35 to Neptune/Asbury Park line5/11/1898
35Neptune/Asbury Park line to Summerfield Ave5/11/1898Atkins Ave, Asbury Park ?


5A was assigned to Conover Rd by 1939; it had been made part of
5 in the 1937 renumbering. In the 1953 renumbering it became 4A.


ends at NJ 35
AberdeenAmboy Ave
KeyportW Front St, Front St
ends at Broad St (4)
ends at W 4th St (516)
ends at W Front St (6)
ends at 1st St (6)
KeyportStone Rd
[Hazlet](Union Beach)Stone Rd
ends at NJ 36
ends at Broad St (4)
Keyport1st St
Union BeachBroadway
ends at Florence Ave (39)

In the 1937 renumbering, 6 was assigned to a network of roads in the Matawan/Keyport area. These roads had been designated as 66, part of 65, 64, 67, 68, unknown (Front St/Amboy Ave west of Broadway), 33, and part of 62. 6 was assigned to the roads from the Middlesex County line toward Old Bridge to Keyport via Matawan, and then east from Keyport to merge into NJ 36. Spurs existed west from Keyport into NJ 35 and along an arc from Matawan to Cliffwood with a short spur to Middlesex County. The latter arc became 6A by 1939. A new spur of 6 was taken over on 5/17/1939, running east from Keyport into Union Beach on Broadway. In the 1953 renumbering, much of 6, namely the part west of the NJ 35 junction between Matawan and Keyport, became 516. The rest is still 6 to this day.
A note - the route out of downtown Keyport was originally on Front St, Church St, and 2nd St, probably because the current route was used by the Jersey Central Traction Co. The current route was taken over on 8/22/1928, and the old route was probably killed then or soon after. I am assuming that pre-1937 62 moved with the main road.

old #locationdatewasbecamedate
NJ 35 to Broadway1/10/1900NJ 4 9/1/1919~1926?
33Broadway to Broad St7/26/1902Jersey Central Traction CoNJ 4 9/1/1919?~1926
64NJ 35 to 5167/26/1902Jersey Central Traction CoNJ 35 ramp ?
64516 to Front St7/26/1902Jersey Central Traction Co
62?1st St to 2nd St?8/22/1928
632nd St? to NJ 367/12/1899
62?Broad St? to Stone Rd8/22/1928
Stone Rd to 395/17/1939


ends at Middlesex County
[Matawan](Aberdeen)Cliffwood Ave
AberdeenCliffwood Ave
ends at NJ 35
ends at Main St (516)
MatawanRavine Dr, Cross Ravine Dr
ends at Cliffwood Ave (6A)

6A was designated from part of post-1937 6 by 1939, running in an arc from Matawan to Cliffwood with a spur to Middlesex County. It has not changed since then.

old #locationdate
68Middlesex County to NJ 354/24/1912
67516 to Lake Lefferts9/12 or 21/1921
67Lake Lefferts to Cliffwood Ave4/24/1912


ends at NJ 35
[Middletown](Holmdel)Palmer Ave
[Middletown](Hazlet)Palmer Ave
KeansburgPalmer Ave, Main St, Church St, Stone Rd
HazletMunro Ave
ends at Stone Rd/Leonard Ln (NJ 36)
ends at Main St (7)
KeansburgPort Monmouth Rd
ends at Atlantic Ave

7 was designated in the 1937 renumbering to run from Keyport to Atlantic Highlands, using former state routes unknown and part of 58. A spur ran north from Hendrickson's Corners to Keansburg and southwest to NJ 36 along former 73 and part of 63. This spur became 7A by 1939. In the 1953 renumbering, the whole main route from Keyport to Atlantic Highlands became part of 516 (with the part west of Maple Pl becoming a spur). 7A became 7 once again, including a spur on Port Monmouth Rd, taken over 10/18/1939.

old #locationdate
73NJ 35 to Church St12/20/1922
63Main St to NJ 367/12/1899
Main St to Atlantic Ave10/18/1939


7A was assigned by 1939 to the road going south from Keansburg, numbered
7 in the 1937 renumbering. A spur was added along Port Monmouth Rd on 10/18/1939. In the 1953 renumbering, all of 7 became 516, and 7A was numbered back to 7.


ends at Memorial Pkwy (NJ 36)
Atlantic Highlands1st Ave, Ocean Blvd
HighlandsOcean Blvd, Ocean Blvd (NJ 36), Linden Ave, Water Witch Ave, Bay Ave
ends at Navesink Ave (NJ 36)

8 was assigned in the 1937 renumbering to some routes in the Atlantic Highlands and Highlands area. The main route began at NJ 36 south of downtown Atlantic Highlands and went north and east back to NJ 36; this had been part of 57 and 53. One spur went southwest from NJ 36 along part of former 59 to Navesink, and another spur, which became 8A by 1939, went southeast and south from Atlantic Highlands to Navesink and across the Oceanic Bridge, along part of former 57. At some later time, the spur northeast from Navesink became 8B. The section of 8 looping off NJ 36 in Highlands was apparently taken over by the county on 5/19/1913, but does not appear on 1929 or 1937 maps. Thus I don't know when it was actually given its number; it may have been taken over on 5/19/1913 but given up soon after, and later taken over again.

old #locationdatebecame
57NJ 36 to Ocean Blvd
57Ocean Blvd to Atlantic Highlands PierOcean Blvd, Atlantic Highlands ?
531st Ave to new alignment
new alignment at Mt Mitchell overlook
53new alignment to NJ 36
56?NJ 36 to NJ 365/19/1913
53old alignment at Mt Mitchell overlookOld Ocean Blvd, Atlantic Highlands/Highlands 4/8/1982


ends at Rumson Rd (520)
RumsonBingham Ave, Oceanic Bridge
MiddletownOceanic Bridge, Locust Point Rd, Locust Ave, Valley Dr
Atlantic HighlandsValley Dr
ends at Memorial Pkwy (NJ 36)

8A was numbered as 8 in 1937, and renumbered to 8A by 1939. The new Oceanic Bridge was opened in 1939 or 1940, with the old approach on Washington St being given back to Rumson on 8/21/1940. 8A was extended south to 520 on 8/2/1961.

old #locationdatebecame
520 to 108/2/1961
10 to Navesink River8/23/1939
57Navesink River to NJ 369/14/1898
10 to Navesink River (old bridge approach)10/11/1899Washington St, Rumson 8/21/1940


ends at Valley Dr/Locust Ave (8A)
MiddletownNavesink Ave
ends at Memorial Pkwy (NJ 36)

8B was numbered 8 in the 1937 renumbering, and renumbered 8B some time after 1939. Nothing has changed since then.

old #location
598A to NJ 36


9 was numbered in the 1937 renumbering as former 54 and 55 from the Long Branch city limits north to the bridge at Highlands. It was taken over by the state on 10/17/1972 as part of NJ 36.


ends at Hubbard Ave (12)
MiddletownW Front St
Red BankW Front St, E Front St, River Rd
Fair HavenRiver Rd
RumsonW River Rd, E River Rd
ends at Ridge Rd (34)

10 was assigned in the 1937 renumbering as the road along the south side of the Navesink River from Red Bank through Rumson, and then over the bridge to Sea Bright, using pre-1937 49, 48, and part of 47. It was extended west to the Navesink River on 3/8/1939 and to 12 on 4/20/1960. The 1953 renumbering included a truncation of 10; the eastern part was renumbered as parts of 34 and 520.

old #locationdatebecamedatebecamedate
12 to Navesink River4/20/1960
Navesink River to NJ 353/8/1939
49NJ 35 to Broad StFront St, Red Bank 2/13/19082/16/1912NJ 4 9/1/1919?~1923
49Broad St to east of Spring StFront St, Red Bank 2/13/19082/16/1912
48east of Spring St to Washington St10/11/1899
48Washington St to 34

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