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NJ State Highways: 55-74

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Pre-GR, 55 was the easternmost portion of
US 40/US 322, in Atlantic City. It was absorbed into 38 at some point, and then the number was reused for the unbuilt northern extension of the NJ Turnpike (Central NJ Home News, 10/19/48, page 2). However, it may have taken a different alignment into NY 303 (Bergen Record, 10/17/46), which may have then become post-GR 303. Now 55 is a freeway going south from the Camden area through Vineland. Here is a table of when each section was built:

sectionlocation (exit #s)date
5/6/720 to 271969
6F/7E27 to 3210/12/1972
7F/8A32 to 355/25/1973
8B/9A35 to 399/1973
9G/10D/11D/12E39 to 4310/2/1989
11F43 to ~4710/2/1989
11E/12F~47 to 5010/2/1989
9G/10D/11D/12E50 to 5310/2/1989
12A/13C53 to 562/6/1986
13B56 to 5811/1/1985
13A58 to 6011/1/1985

55 is intended to extend southeastward from the current end of the divided highway, roughly along the 47/83 corridor to the Garden State Parkway (444. Environmental hassles due to the wetlands lying in that stretch have yet to kill the highway, but it is indefinitely postponed. For now, a two-lane controlled-access undivided highway links 55 to its end at 47.

ROUTE NO. 55. Beginning at the present easterly terminal of the State Highway Route 48 at the division line between the township of Egg Harbor and the city of Atlantic City at Jonathan's Thorofare and extending in a southeasterly direction along the lines of the present Pleasantville boulevard to the southeasterly end of the bridge, over Inside Thorofare, in Atlantic City, Atlantic county, New Jersey. L.1938, c. 83, p. 203, s. 1.
ROUTE NO. 55. Beginning at a point in Route U.S. 130 in the vicinity of Westville in the county of Gloucester, thence in a general southeasterly direction passing west of Vineland in the county of Cumberland and east of Millville in the county of Cumberland to a point in Route U.S. 9 in the vicinity of Cape May Court House in the county of Cape May. The route shall traverse the counties of Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland and Cape May. L.1964, c. 16, s. 1.

End photos
History (Steve Anderson)

ends at Delsea Dr (47)
Maurice RiverRoute 55
MillvilleRoute 55
VinelandRoute 55
MillvilleRoute 55
VinelandRoute 55
PittsgroveRoute 55
FranklinRoute 55
ElkRoute 55
GlassboroRoute 55
HarrisonRoute 55
MantuaRoute 55
WashingtonRoute 55
DeptfordRoute 55
ends at North-South Fwy (42)


56 runs west from Vineland. It was assigned west of
55 on 11/10/1983, and east on 12/29/1987; it was formerly Salem CR 622 (in Pittsgrove). Pre-GR, 56 was a proposed route in Ocean County, shown in a 1942 NJDOT map along CR 528 east of 70. That apparently died quickly, because 56 was then multiplexed with US 30 east of 157; this was designated in 1948 from former CR 21, and became part of 43 before the GR. Here is a table of when each section of the original 56 was built or taken over:

sectionlocationdatewhat it was previously
3157 to Beach Thorofare1948CR 21
1Beach Thorofare to Venice Lagoon1946CR 21
2Venice Lagoon to 871949CR 21
87 to Virginia Ave

Now, when each section of current 56 was taken over:

locationdatewhat it was previously
77 to Cumberland/Salem county line11/10/1983CR 22 (maybe later CR 622)
Cumberland/Salem county line to Salem/Cumberland county line11/10/1983CR 6 (maybe later CR 622)
Salem/Cumberland county line to 5511/10/1983CR 23 (maybe later CR 622)
55 to 4712/29/1987CR 23 (maybe later CR 622)

ROUTE NO. 56. Beginning at the southeasterly terminal of State Route 43 at its junction with the Ocean highway, being the northwesterly terminal of the Absecon boulevard, in Absecon City, Atlantic county, New Jersey, and extending in a southeasterly direction along the lines of the present Absecon boulevard, the several courses thereof, to the southeasterly end of the bridge over Beach Thorofare in Atlantic City, Atlantic county, New Jersey. L.1938, c. 84, p. 203, s. 1.
ROUTE NO. 56. Beginning at the traffic circle at Laurelton, in the county of Ocean, and thence to the beach highway at Mantoloking, in said county of Ocean. L.1938, c. 177, p. 387, s. 1.
ROUTE NO. . Beginning at the south-easterly terminal of State Route No. 56 as fixed by chapter eighty-four of the laws of one thousand nine hundred and thirty-eight, which terminal is more definitely located by order of the State Highway Commissioner, dated March fourth, one thousand nine hundred and forty-one, as being at or near the junction of Kuehnle avenue, in Atlantic City, Atlantic county, New Jersey, and extending in a south-easterly and easterly direction along the lines of the present Absecon boulevard, the several courses thereof, to its junction with Delaware avenue at or near the intersection of Delaware and Mediterranean avenues in Atlantic City, Atlantic county, New Jersey. L.1948, c. 51, p. 137, s. 1.

ROUTE NO. ----. Extending from Carll's Corner, generally in an easterly direction to State Highway 55 in Vineland, New Jersey, and more particularly known as Landis avenue, partly in Cumberland and partly in Salem county, being designated in Cumberland county as roads No. 22 and No. 23 and in Salem county as road No. 6. L.1977, c. 405, s. 1, eff. Feb. 23, 1978.

End photos

ends at Route 77 (77)
Upper DeerfieldLandis Ave
DeerfieldLandis Ave
PittsgroveLandis Ave
VinelandW Landis Ave
ends at Delsea Dr (47)


S56 became
87 in the GR. It was originally numbered S4A until 1945, when it was clear that the bridge connecting the two sections of S4A would never be constructed (the other section was given to Ocean County in 1941 and is now Great Bay Blvd.). S56 was at times proposed to extend through the city of Brigantine, and even as far as a new bridge north of Brigantine back to the mainland or to Long Beach Island. Post-GR, a 1960 map shows 87 using both its original alignment and a bypass on Huron Ave in Atlantic City. Eventually Huron Ave became the only route of 87, and the old route on Brigantine Blvd became 187.

ROUTE NO. 56 S. Beginning at the intersection of the Absecon boulevard and the Brigantine boulevard in the city of Atlantic City, New Jersey; thence, in and along said Brigantine boulevard across Beach thoroughfare or Inlet channel to the city of Brigantine. L.1945, c. 1, p. 11, s. 1.


57 runs east-northeast from Phillipsburg, and contains the first stretch of concrete pavement in the Western hemisphere (one mile of it in Warren County, built in 1912). Pre-GR, it was
24 west of Penwell and S24 east of Penwell. At the GR, this all became part of 24, and 57 used what is now 182 (formerly S24). On 10/9/1969, former 57 became 182 and 57 was designated along its current alignment. 57 does not extend along 182 because it was planned to extend east on a Hackettstown bypass to US 46, which is a divided highway for that very reason.

57: From junction with Route 24, south of Hackettstown, via former Route S-24 to junction with Route U. S. 46 (former Route 6), in Hackettstown. 1953 renumbering.
ROUTE NO. ----. Beginning in the town of Hackettstown, in Warren county at a point where Routes Nos. 24 and 57 intersect and from thence in a general southeasterly direction to a point in the township of Washington in the county of Morris to intersect with Route No. 46. Added by L.1965, c. 241, s. 1, eff. Feb. 16, 1966.

End photos

ends at Route 22 (US 22)
LopatcongRoute 57
GreenwichRoute 57
FranklinRoute 57
Washington TwpRoute 57
Washington BoroughW Washington Ave, E Washington Ave
Washington TwpRoute 57
MansfieldRoute 57
HackettstownRoute 57
ends at Mountain Ave (182/CR 517)


58 is the old number for the original section of
I-280 between Exit 14A (Clifton Ave) and Exit 16 (Harrison), including the planned extensions that became part of I-280. Pre-GR, it was 25A. The road opened in 1949 as the Stickel Bridge and approaches, and became part of I-280 in 1971. The original connection to Orange St. remains as an abandoned overpass of the NJ Transit railroad tracks. 58 persisted in the Straight Line Diagrams until at least 1990 even though I-280 was completed in 1980 (and connected to/signed over 58 in 1973).

58: From High Street, Newark, via former Route 25-A over Stickel Bridge to Harrison. 1953 renumbering.

Photos (of the abandoned overpass)
End photos


59 is a very short route across the NJ Transit railroad west of Elizabeth. It was once proposed to extend southeast crossing the GSP (
444) at Exit 136 (Centennial Ave) and then using Stiles St to US 1/US 9; it was also planned north to Paterson [Frank Curcio]. The plan for its northern extension can be seen at its intersection with 28, where the three-way intersection sits on a bridge meant for four intersection legs. In back of that bridge is a bunch of houses, demonstrating that encroaching development killed any plans to develop the sorely needed north-south route. It was 22 pre-GR. It is unsigned.

59: [unsigned] Former Route 22 in Cranford. 1953 renumbering.

End photos

ends at South Ave
CranfordLincoln Ave
ends at North Ave (28)


60 was a proposed freeway from
I-295/US 40/700 (NJTP) in Deepwater to Ocean City. Originally it was planned as a Camden bypass, which evolved into the route that became I-295.

ROUTE NO. 60. Beginning in Route No. 44 (1927) in the vicinity of Verga, Gloucester county, and running thence in an easterly direction to Route No. 43 (1927) in the vicinity of Barrington, Camden county, thence in a northerly direction to Route No. 25 (1927) in the vicinity of Bridgeboro, Burlington county. L.1953, c. 70, p. 70, s. 1.

History (Steve Anderson).


61 is indicated on one late 1950s Essex County Hagstrom map and in the NJ highway code for mid-block crosswalks for what is now
161. May have been renumbered to a 3dsr due to unimportance of Clifton Ave spur.


62 went from
US 46 northeast into Paterson along Union Blvd, Totowa Rd, and McBride Ave, ending at the Paterson line near the north end of 19. It was S6 pre-GR, and once followed US 46 into downtown Paterson to pick up 5 (which once followed Market St to the east, see that page for history). The route appeared to be dead for decades, but it showed up on the 2001 NJDOT SLD (thanks to Jonathan Sachs for pointing this out) - it wasn't on the 2000 SLD. It is much shorter than it used to be; the current section has always been state maintained (even in the 2000 SLD). Legislative history suggests 62 was signed, probably until it was truncated to its current length, which may have coincided with the completion of I-80 from Totowa to Paterson.

62: From junction with Route U. S. 46 (former Route 6), via former Route S-6 to Paterson-West Paterson corporate line. 1953 renumbering.

End photos

ends at Route 46 (US 46)
TotowaUnion Blvd
ends at I-80 (I-80)


63 is a short north-south route near Fort Lee. It was
S1 pre-GR.

63: From North Bergen, via former Route S-1 to junction with Routes U. S. 1, U. S. 9 and U. S. 46 (former Routes 1 and 6) at Fort Lee. 1953 renumbering.

End photos

ends at 91st St/Kennedy Blvd
North BergenBergen Blvd
FairviewBergen Blvd
RidgefieldBergen Blvd
Fort LeeBergen Blvd
Palisades ParkBergen Blvd
Fort LeeBergen Blvd
ends at Route 46 (US 1/US 9/US 46)


64 is a short unsigned bridge on
CR 571 over the Conrail tracks near Princeton. It was 31A pre-GR.

64: [unsigned] Former Route 31-A Pennsylvania R.R. Bridge and approaches - Princeton Junction. 1953 renumbering.

End photos

ends at Wallace Rd/Cranbury Rd
West WindsorPrinceton-Hightstown Rd
ends at Washington Rd


65 used Port St and Doremus Ave near Newark Airport between
US 1/US 9 and US 1-9 Truck until the 1960's. It was 25B pre-GR.

65: [unsigned] Former Route 25-B Bridge over New Jersey Turnpike and C.R.R. of N. J. (Port Street) Newark.

End photos


66 is a short route near Asbury Park. It was
33A pre-GR.

66: From junction Route 33, Shrewsbury Township, via former Route 33-35 Connection to junction with Route 35, in Neptune township. 1953 renumbering.

End photos

ends at Route 33 (33)
Tinton FallsRoute 66
NeptuneRoute 66, Asbury Ave
ends at Route 35 (35)


67 is a short route in Fort Lee. It is part of the original alignment of
US 9W, and was S1A pre-GR. See those routes for more history.

67: From junction of Route 5, Fort Lee, via former Route S-1-A to junction with Route U. S. 9-W (former Route 1). 1953 renumbering.

End photos

ends at Central Blvd (5)
Fort LeePalisade Ave, Lemoine Ave
ends at Route 9W/Palisades Interstate Pkwy (US 9W/445S)


68 connects the Trenton area with Fort Dix, and was proposed to extend to the
70/72 circle at Four Mile as a freeway. It was S39 pre-GR.

68: From junction with Route U. S. 206 (former Route 39), Mansfield Square, via former Route S-39 to Fort Dix.
ROUTE NO. . Beginning at the traffic circle at the southerly end of Route 68 and extending in a southerly direction to a connection with Route 70 in the vicinity of its intersection with Route 72. L.1953, c. 112, p. 1298, s. 1.

End photos
History (Steve Anderson)

ends at Pemberton-Wrightstown Rd
New HanoverRoute 68
WrightstownRoute 68
SpringfieldRoute 68
MansfieldRoute 68
ends at Route 206 (US 206)


69 was the number for
31 between the GR and 5/15/1967; the number was changed because too many signs were being stolen due to sexual connotations. It was 30 pre-GR. During the time that it was 69, an early iteration of the 31 freeway was proposed from Pennington Circle to approximately Brunswick Circle.

69: From junction with Route U. S. 206, North Broad Street and Pennington Avenue, Trenton, via local streets to Trenton-Ewing corporate line, via former Route 30 to junction with Route U. S. 202 (former Route 29) in Ringoes, then coincident with Route U. S. 202 to junction with Route 12 and Route U. S. 202 at Flemington, via former Route 31 to junction with Route U. S. 46 (former Route 6), at Buttzville. 1953 renumbering.
ROUTE NO. . beginning at Route 69 in the vicinity of the Pennington Traffic Circle and from thence in a southeasterly direction through Mercer county to a junction with U. S. Route 1 in the vicinity of Slackwood, in the township of Lawrence. L.1955, c. 255, s. 1, repealed 1997, c.143, s.3.


70 runs east from the Camden area. It was
40 pre-GR, except that 40 extended west a bit on 38 to its end, and 70 east of 88 was 34. Although 70 is signed from US 30/US 130 as if it is multiplexed with 38, it is not.

70: From junction with Route 38 Pennsauken, via former Route 40 to junction of Route 88 (former Route 35) at Laurelton, via Route 70 (former Route 34) to junction of Routes 34 and 35 in Brielle. 1953 renumbering.

End photos

ends at Kaighns Ave (38)
PennsaukenMarlton Pike
Cherry HillMarlton Pike, Route 70
EveshamRoute 70
MedfordRoute 70
SouthamptonRoute 70
PembertonRoute 70
ManchesterRoute 70
LakehurstRoute 70, Oak St
ManchesterRoute 70
Toms RiverRoute 70
LakewoodRoute 70
BrickRoute 70, Brick Blvd, Route 70
Point PleasantRoute 70
BrielleRoute 70
WallRoute 70
ends at Route 34/Route 35 (34/35)


71 runs near the shore in Monmouth County. It was
4N pre-GR, numbered from original 4, and was also original US 9.

71: From junction of Route 35 in Brielle, via former Route 4-N to junction of Route 35 in Eatontown. 1953 renumbering.

End photos

ends at Route 35 (35)
BrielleUnion Ave
ManasquanUnion Ave, Taylor Ave, Parker Ave
Sea GirtRoute 71
Spring Lake HeightsRoute 71
WallRoute 71
BelmarH St, 8th Ave, F St
Avon-By-The-SeaMain St
Bradley BeachMain St
NeptuneMain St
Asbury ParkMain St, Deal Lake Dr, Park Ave
Loch ArbourNorwood Ave
AllenhurstNorwood Ave
DealNorwood Ave
OceanNorwood Ave
West Long BranchCedar Ave, Monmouth Rd
EatontownMonmouth Rd, Broad St
ends at Main St (35)


72 runs west from Long Beach Island. It was
S40 pre-GR. A section east of US 9 was bypassed in 1968; the old route became 180 and later CR 50 - see 180 for why. A freeway was proposed along the 72 corridor, possibly tying into the proposed 68 freeway.

72: From junction of Route 70 (former Route 40) at Four Mile, via former Route S-40 to Ship Bottom. 1953 renumbering.

End photos
History (Steve Anderson)

ends at Route 70 (70)
WoodlandRoute 72
BarnegatBarnegat Blvd
StaffordW Bay Ave, Route 72
Ship BottomRoute 72, [W 9th St](W 8th St)
ends at Long Beach Blvd


73 is an outer bypass to Camden on the east. It was
S41 pre-GR. 73 originally ended at US 30; it was extended south to 446 (ACX) in 1970 and to US 322 in the late 1990s, mostly along CR 561 and Spur CR 561. It is unsigned south of 446 [Chris Mason]. Spur CR 561 no longer appears in the 2005 SLD's, though I believe that section of 73 is still county-maintained.

73: From Delaware River Bridge at Palmyra, via former Route S-41 to junction of Route U. S. 30 (former Route 43), east of Berlin. 1953 renumbering.

End photos

ends at Black Horse Pike (US 322)
FolsomMays Landing-Blue Anchor Rd
HammontonMays Landing-Blue Anchor Rd
WinslowMays Landing Rd, Route 73, Camden Rd, New Cedarbrook Rd, Cedarbrook Rd, Route 73
WaterfordRoute 73
Berlin TwpRoute 73
Berlin BoroughRoute 73
Berlin TwpRoute 73
VoorheesRoute 73
EveshamRoute 73
Mount LaurelRoute 73
Maple ShadeS Fellowship Rd, Route 73
CinnaminsonRoute 73
PennsaukenRoute 73
PalmyraRoute 73, Tacony-Palmyra Br
enters Pennsylvania (73)


74 was a proposed east-west freeway from
18 in East Brunswick to 35 in Matawan. One 1969 proposal attempted to extend it west as far as US 1. The 35 freeway was proposed to continue north to it, as part of a network of proposed and never-built state freeways from the 1960's.

ROUTE NO. . Beginning in East Brunswick Township, Middlesex County, at State Highway Route 18 on the west and from thence in an easterly direction to State Highway Route 35 south of Cheesequake Creek, in Middlesex County, on the east. L.1962, c. 240, s. 1.

History (Steve Anderson).

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