New Jersey Roads - NJ State Highways - CR 515-530

NJ State Highways: CR 515-530

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End photos

ends at Route 23 (23)
Sussex CountyHardyston TownshipVernon Rd
Vernon TownshipVernon Rd, McAfee-Vernon Rd, Vernon-Warwick Rd, Prices Switch Rd
enters New York (Prices Switch Rd)


End photos

ends at Route 18 (18/527)
Middlesex CountyOld Bridge TownshipOld Bridge-Matawan Rd
Monmouth County[Aberdeen Township](Matawan Borough)New Brunswick Rd
Matawan BoroughNew Brunswick Rd, [Broad St](Main St), Main St
Aberdeen TownshipMain St
Keyport BoroughMaple Pl, W 4th St, Maple Pl, Green Grove Ave
Hazlet TownshipMiddle Rd
Holmdel TownshipMiddle Rd, Laurel St, Route 35
Middletown TownshipRoute 35, Cherry Tree Farm Rd, New Monmouth Rd, Leonardville Rd
ends at Route 36 (36)


Part of 517 was part of former
24. Go there for history.

End photos

ends at Lamington Rd (523)
Hunterdon CountyTewksbury TownshipHigh St, Joliet St, Old Turnpike Rd
Washington TownshipFairmont Rd, Schooley's Mountain Rd
Warren CountyHackettstown TownSchooley's Mountain Rd, Mountain Ave, Main St, High St
Independence TownshipAllamuchy Rd
Allamuchy TownshipAllamuchy Rd
Sussex CountyGreen TownshipDecker Pond Rd, Whitehall Rd
Andover BoroughBrighton Ave, Main St, Lenape Rd
Andover TownshipLenape Rd
Sparta TownshipAndover-Sparta Rd, Sparta Rd, Ogdensburg Rd
Ogdensburg BoroughMain St
Franklin BoroughMain St, Route 23
Hamburg BoroughRoute 23, Hardyston Rd
Hardyston TownshipRudeville Rd
Vernon TownshipRudeville Rd, McAfee-Vernon Rd, McAfee-Glenwood Rd, Sandhill Rd
enters New York (Orange CR 26)

Alternate 517

Alternate 517 was a northern alternative to
517 in Sussex County, bypassing Sparta and Andover. It probably died because it took many turns along its course. To follow it from south to north in present-day numbers, it turned left on CR 616 west (all numbers are Sussex CRs), then right on CR 663 north. It turned right onto 94 north for a short distance, then cut the corner to 15 via CR 659. After following 15 north a little bit, it turned right again onto CR 661. Finally, the alignment came back through Hamburg to 94, where it turned left and ended multiplexed.

End photos


End photos

ends at Old York Rd (29/165/179)
Hunterdon CountyLambertville CityBrunswick Ave
West Amwell TownshipBrunswick Pike
Mercer CountyHopewell TownshipLambertville-Hopewell Tpk
[Mercer County](Hunterdon County)[Hopewell Township}
(East Amwell Township)
Lambertville-Hopewell Tpk
Mercer CountyHopewell TownshipLambertville-Hopewell Tpk
Hopewell BoroughLouellen St, W Broad St, E Broad St
Hopewell TownshipHopewell-Rocky Hill Rd
Somerset CountyMontgomery TownshipGeorgetown-Franklin Tpk
Rocky Hill BoroughWashington St
Franklin TownshipGeorgetown-Franklin Tpk
ends at Lincoln Hwy (27)

Spur 518

Spur 518 cut the southeast corner from Hopewell on
518 to Marshalls Corner on 31. It is now Mercer CR 654.

Photos of CR 654 (Steve Alpert).


End photos

ends at Daniel Bray Hwy (29)
Hunterdon CountyDelaware TownshipKingwood-Stockton Rd
Kingwood TownshipKingwood-Stockton Rd, Kingwood Rd
Alexandria TownshipKingwood Rd, Palmyra Rd
[Alexandria Township](Holland Township)Palmyra Rd
Holland TownshipMount Pleasant Rd
Milford BoroughMount Pleasant Rd, Frenchtown Rd, Water St
Holland TownshipMilford-Warren Glen Rd
Warren CountyPohatcong TownshipMilford-Warren Glen Rd
[Pohatcong Township](Alpha Borough)Springtown Rd
Alpha BoroughSpringtown Rd, 3rd Ave
Pohatcong TownshipHawk Ave, Brunswick Ave, Saint James Ave
Greenwich TownshipUniontown Rd
Lopatcong TownshipUniontown Rd
Harmony TownshipUniontown Rd, Upper Belvidere Rd
White TownshipUpper Belvidere Rd, Hazen-Bridgeville Rd, Bridgeville-Hope Rd
Hope TownshipBridgeville-Hope Rd, Union St, High St, Hope-Johnsonburg Rd
Frelinghuysen TownshipJohnsonburg Rd, Dark Moon Rd, Johnsonburg-Newton Rd
Sussex CountyGreen TownshipHibler Rd, Wintermute Rd
Fredon TownshipRidge Rd
Newton TownWest End Ave, High St, [Park Pl, Main St, Spring St](High St), Water St, Trinity Ave
Hampton TownshipConrads Corner Rd
Frankford TownshipBranchville-Lawson Rd
Branchville BoroughNewton Ave, Mill St, Wantage Ave
Frankford TownshipWantage Ave
Wantage TownshipBranchville-Lewisburg Rd, Colesville-Lusscroft Rd, Route 23, Mountain Rd
enters New York (Orange CR 55)

Spur 519

Spur 519 was a short connector between
29 and the parallel 519. It is now Hunterdon County 651.

"Truck 519"

Truck 519 is signed to bypass the
122/519 multiplex and a sharp corner where those routes meet, but is not an official route. It follows 122 and 22 between junctions with 519 in Pohatcong and Greenwich Townships.

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End photos

ends at Englishtown Rd (527)
Middlesex CountyOld Bridge TownshipTexas Rd, Marlboro Rd
Monmouth CountyMarlboro TownshipMarlboro Rd, Newman Springs Rd
[Colts Neck Township](Marlboro Township)Newman Springs Rd
Holmdel TownshipW Main St, E Main St
Middletown TownshipNewman Springs Rd
[Red Bank Borough](Tinton Falls Borough)Newman Springs Rd
[Red Bank Borough](Shrewsbury Borough)Newman Springs Rd
Red Bank BoroughBroad St, Pinckney Rd
[Little Silver Borough](Red Bank Borough)Pinckney Rd
Little Silver BoroughPinckney Rd, Branch Ave, Rumson Rd
[Rumson Borough](Little Silver Borough)Rumson Rd
Rumson BoroughRumson Rd, Sea Bright-Rumson Bridge
Sea Bright BoroughSea Bright-Rumson Bridge
ends at Ocean Ave (36)


521 originally used
560 and Old Mine Road, heading straight into River Rd in Montague Twp, instead of multiplexing as far as it now does with US 206. This may be why Old Mine Rd remained open along the stretch that was formerly 521 after much of the rest in Sussex County was temporarily closed.

End photos

ends at High St (519)
Warren CountyHope TownshipUnion St, Hope-Blairstown Rd
Blairstown TownshipHope-Blairstown Rd, Route 94, Stillwater Rd
Hardwick TownshipStillwater Rd
Sussex CountyStillwater TownshipMaple Ave, Stillwater Rd, W Shore Dr
Hampton TownshipW Shore Dr, Kemah Mecca Lake Rd, Mountain Rd
Frankford TownshipMountain Rd, Route 206
Sandyston TownshipRoute 206
Montague TownshipRoute 206, River Rd
enters New York (Orange CR 16)


US 1 and US 130, 522 is on municipally maintained Promenade Blvd. Middlesex County considers 522 as extending west to 27 along the remainder of Promenade Blvd., but NJDOT and the Straight Line Diagrams disagree. Old 522 on Ridge Rd became (or always was) municipally maintained itself, and so far has no known number by Middlesex County (if it's still a county road). The new South Brunswick road continues west to 27, but is not part of 522. An eastward extension of Promenade is planned, which will eliminate 522's multiplex with US 130. The county may take over Promenade upon completion, at least as far west as US 1, but this is doubtful. At one point 522 was planned to bypass Jamesburg to the north and may not have even ended in Freehold, but Old Bridge [New Brunswick Daily Home News, 3/25/1969].

End photos

ends at Route 1 (US 1)
Middlesex CountySouth Brunswick TownshipPromenade Blvd, Route 130, Ridge Rd, Monmouth Junction Rd
Monroe TownshipRhode Hall Rd
Jamesburg BoroughRhode Hall Rd, Gatzmer Ave, E Railroad Ave, Buckalew Ave
Monroe TownshipBuckalew Ave, Jamesburg-Englishtown Rd
Monmouth CountyManalapan TownshipJamesburg-Englishtown Rd
Englishtown BoroughJamesburg-Englishtown Rd, Water St, Main St, Tennent Ave
Manalapan TownshipEnglishtown-Freehold Rd
Freehold TownshipEnglishtown-Freehold Rd
Freehold BoroughThrockmorton Rd
ends at Main St (537)


End photos

ends at Main St (29)
Hunterdon CountyStockton BoroughStockton-Flemington Rd
Delaware TownshipStockton-Flemington Rd
Raritan TownshipStockton-Flemington Rd
Flemington BoroughMine St, Main St, E Main St
Raritan TownshipE Main St, Route 523, Flemington-Whitehouse Rd
Readington TownshipFlemington-Whitehouse Rd, Main St, Route 22, Oldwick Rd
Tewksbury TownshipOldwick Rd, Lamington Rd
Somerset CountyBedminster TownshipLamington Rd
ends at Route 202/Hillside Ave (US 202)

Spur 523

Spur 523 went south from Lamington on
523 to Easton Turnpike west of North Branch, old 28. It is now mostly Somerset CR 665, but the southern section (according to SPUI's old maps) went west on Easton Tpk to end at US 22, which is now CR 614.


End photos

ends at Whitehorse Rd (US 206/533)
Mercer CountyHamilton TownshipS Broad St, Yardville-Allentown Rd
Monmouth CountyUpper Freehold TownshipYardville-Allentown Rd
Allentown BoroughYardville-Allentown Rd, S Main St, N Main St
Upper Freehold TownshipN Main St
[Monmouth County](Mercer County)[Upper Freehold Township](Washington Township)Old York Rd
Monmouth CountyUpper Freehold TownshipStage Coach Rd
Millstone TownshipStage Coach Rd
[Freehold Township](Millstone Township)Monmouth Rd
[Freehold Township](Manalapan Township)Monmouth Rd
Freehold TownshipElton-Adelphia Rd
Howell TownshipAdelphia-Farmingdale Rd
Farmingdale BoroughW Main St, Main St
Howell TownshipLakewood-Farmingdale Rd, Allaire Rd
Wall TownshipAllaire Rd, Atlantic Ave, Allenwood Rd, Allaire Rd
Spring Lake Heights BoroughAllaire Rd
ends at Route 71 (71)

Alternate 524

End photos

ends at Adelphia-Farmingdale Rd (524)
Monmouth CountyHowell TownshipSquankum-Yellowbrook Rd
ends at Lakewood-Farmingdale Rd/Allaire Rd (524/547)

Spur 524

Spur 524 was truncated back at some point from Route 71 to Broad Street, according to the Straight Line Diagrams.

End photos

ends at Allenwood Rd (524)
Monmouth CountyWall TownshipAtlantic Ave
Manasquan BoroughAtlantic Ave
ends at Broad St
Monmouth CountyManasquan BoroughBroad St
[Manasquan Borough](Sea Girt Borough)Sea Girt Ave
ended at Parker Ave/Route 71 (71)


End photos

ends at W Union Ave (28)
Somerset CountyBound Brook BoroughThompson Ave
Bridgewater TownshipThompson Ave, Chimney Rock Rd, Washington Valley Rd, Liberty Corner-Martinsville Rd
Bernards TownshipLiberty Corner-Martinsville Rd, Martinsville Rd, Mount Airy Rd
Bernardsville BoroughMount Airy Rd, Mine Brook Rd, Claremont Rd, Mendham Rd
Morris CountyMendham BoroughBernardsville Rd, Hilltop Rd
ends at W Main St/E Main St (510)

Spur 525

There were two Spur 525s in Somerset County. The northern one, now CR 640, connected
525 with the southern Spur 527 (now Somerset CR 613) east of Liberty Corners. Somerset CR 640, which replaced this Spur 525, continues west to 512 on old 525 in Liberty Corner, which was bypassed in the 1970s by the current alignment. For the handful of years in which the current 525 may have coexisted with Spur 525, it is possible Spur 525 extended along the old 525 to meet 512 as well - or that piece may have immediately become CR 640.
The second Spur 525 is just a tiny bit south of the other one, heading west from 525 to US 202/206. This is now Somerset CR 620, which continues west to CR 665 (Lamington Rd), which is former Spur 523. This Spur 525 may have ended there, but that is unlikely based on the available old maps.

End photos


526 was just realigned outside Robbinsville to meet 130 directly across from 33. However, it still follows the old road between 130 and 33, requiring a convoluted routing that takes 526 off 33, up 130, and back to 33 where it continues east. I would expect this to be soon corrected so that 526 stays on 33 a little longer. The Straight Line Diagrams now show 526 ending at its westernmost junction with 571. Accordingly, the beginning of the route is in italics below.

End photos

ends at Nassau St (27)
Mercer CountyPrinceton TownWashington Rd
Princeton TownshipWashington Rd
West Windsor TownshipWashington Rd, Princeton-Hightstown Rd
ends at Princeton-Hightstown Rd (571)
Mercer CountyWest Windsor TownshipS Mill Rd, Villiage Rd East, Edinburg Rd, Old Trenton Rd, Robbinsville Rd
Washington TownshipRobbinsville-Edinburg Rd, Route 33, Robbinsville-Allentown Rd, Route 130, Robbinsville-Allentown Rd
Monmouth CountyAllentown BoroughChurch St, Main St, Walker St
Upper Freehold TownshipWalker St
[Allentown Borough](Upper Freehold Township)Walker St
Upper Freehold TownshipAllentown-Red Valley Rd
Millstone TownshipTrenton-Lakewood Rd
Ocean CountyJackson TownshipW Commodore Blvd, E Commodore Blvd, Jackson Mills Rd, N County Line Rd
[Lakewood Township](Jackson Township)W County Line Rd
Lakewood TownshipW County Line Rd, E County Line Rd, Lanes Mill Rd
ends at Lanes Mill Rd (549)

Alternate 526

Alternate 526 appears to be the newest 5xx route. It's a short township-maintained bypass around the northeast corner of Upper Freehold, making it easier for traffic from
526 to get to I-195.

End photos

ends at Allentown-Red Valley Rd (526)
Monmouth CountyUpper Freehold TownshipAlt. 526
ends at Main St (524/539)


Millburn tried signing 527W and 527E in its town center, along with W and E versions of
577, on its one-way pair of Millburn Ave and Essex St. The shields have been replaced because these routes don't exist, but a couple of signal overhead signs remain. Also, 527 is signed as beginning from Essex CR 604 (W Lindsley Ave) in Cedar Grove, but does technically multiplex for 100 feet to 23.

End photos

ends at Main St (166)
Ocean CountyToms River TownshipWater St, Lakehurst Rd, Oak Ridge Pkwy, Whitesville Rd
Jackson TownshipWhitesville Rd, E Veterans Hwy, Cedar Swamp Rd
Monmouth CountyFreehold TownshipSiloam Rd
[Manalapan Township](Millstone Township)Siloam Rd
Manalapan TownshipSweetmans Ln, Millhurst Rd, Conover St
Englishtown BoroughConover St, Park Ave, S Main St, N Main St, Wilson Ave
Manalapan TownshipWilson Ave
Middlesex CountyMonroe TownshipEnglishtown Rd
Old Bridge TownshipEnglishtown Rd, Route 18
East Brunswick TownshipRoute 18, [ramp](ramp, Main St, Old Bridge Tpk), Old Bridge Tpk
[South River Borough](East Brunswick Township)Old Bridge Tpk
East Brunswick TownshipOld Bridge Tpk, Route 18
New Brunswick CityRoute 18, George St, Albany St, Easton Ave
Somerset CountyFranklin TownshipEaston Ave
South Bound Brook BoroughMain St
Bound Brook BoroughEaston Ln, [E Main St, E High St, East St](E Main St), E Main St, Mountain Ave
[Bridgewater Township](Bound Brook Borough)Mountain Ave
Bridgewater TownshipMountain Ave
Green Brook TownshipMorning Glory Rd
Warren TownshipMorning Glory Rd, Washington Valley Rd, Mountain Blvd
Watchung BoroughMountain Blvd, Valley Rd
Union County Berkeley Heights TownshipValley Rd, Glenside Ave
Summit CityGlenside Ave, Morris Ave, Springfield Ave, [Springfield Ave](ramp, Broad St)
Springfield Township[Morris Ave](Broad St)
Essex CountyMillburn Township[Morris Ave](Broad St, Morris-Essex Tpk), Morris Ave, Millburn Ave, [Millburn Ave, Main St](Douglas Dr, Essex Ave), Old Short Hills Rd
Livingston TownshipOld Short Hills Rd, E Cedar St, S Livingston Ave, N Livingston Ave
Roseland BoroughLivingston Ave, Eagle Rock Ave, Roseland Ave
Essex Fells BoroughRoseland Ave
Caldwell BoroughRoseland Ave, Bloomfield Ave, Mountain Ave
[North Caldwell Borough](Caldwell Borough)Mountain Ave
North Caldwell BoroughMountain Ave
[North Caldwell Borough](West Caldwell Township)Mountain Ave
North Caldwell BoroughMountain Ave
Cedar Grove TownshipMountain Ave, W Lindsley Rd
ends at Pompton Ave/E Lindsley Rd (23/Essex CR 604)

Alternate 527

End photos

ends at Sweetmans Ln (527/Monmouth CR 1)
Monmouth County[Manalapan Township](Millstone Township)Woodville Rd, Iron Ore Rd
Manalapan TownshipIron Ore Rd
ends at Conover St (527)

Spur 527

There were two Spur 527s, and both of them are departed. The southern one ran from Warren Twp to Bernardsville along Somerset CR 651,
512, and 613 to US 202. Its remnant can be seen behind a CR 651 shield on I-78 Exit 36 signs.
The second Spur 527 connected Millburn to Livingston. It ran up Hobart Gap Rd from the southern beginning of what is now Essex CR 608 at 124, which turns into White Oak Ridge Road, which takes a hard left, and then becomes E Hobart Gap Rd again in Livingston. CR 608 continues onto West Hobart Gap Rd, but former Spur 527 turned onto Essex CR 649, which is now JFK Parkway to the south and connects to Union CR 649. The rest of Spur 527 is current CR 649 to its end at 527. One shield remains from the 1950's, when the route was first signed with embossed metal shields, and there are a couple of new, erroneous ones on NJ 124. Essex County appears to be using an outdated route log - Spur 577 is also signed once more in the field.

Photos of Essex CR 608
Photos of Essex CR 649
Photos of Somerset CR 651
End photos


End photos

ends at Farnsworth Ave (545)
Burlington CountyBordentown TownCrosswicks St
Bordentown TownshipCrosswicks St
Chesterfield TownshipCrosswicks St, Jacobstown-Chesterfield Rd
North Hanover TownshipJacobstown-Chesterfield Rd, Jacobstown Rd
Ocean CountyPlumsted TownshipJacobstown Rd, Main St, Lakewood Rd
Jackson TownshipW Veterans Hwy, E Veterans Hwy
Lakewood TownshipWhitesville Rd, Central Ave, Hurley Ave, Cedar Bridge Ave
Brick TownshipCedar Bridge Ave, Mantoloking Rd
Mantoloking BoroughHerbert St
ends at Ocean Ave (35)

Spur 528

Spur 528 followed Burlington CR 670 east from
US 130 to its end, then straight along Saylors Pond Road, then straight ahead, picking up in the middle of current Burlington CR 616. It ended where Ocean CR 616 ends, at 528. Truck 541 used to end at Spur 528, and still ends at CR 670 instead of picking up the slack to US 130.

Photos of CR 616
End photos


End photos

ends at Woodbridge Ave (514)
Middlesex CountyEdison TownshipPlainfield Ave
Piscataway TownshipStelton Rd
[South Plainfield Borough](Piscataway Township)Stelton Rd
Piscataway TownshipStelton Rd, Washington Ave
[Piscataway Township](Dunellen Borough)Washington Ave
Dunellen BoroughWashington Ave
Somerset CountyGreen Brook TownshipWashington Ave, Washington Rock Rd East
Watchung BoroughWashington Rock Rd East
ends at Mountain Blvd (527)


530 used to extend further west, along what is currently
38 to where that becomes a divided highway, then along Burlington CR 612 to 537. 38 was planned to extend east as a divided highway or freeway to its other section, which is now 138. Visit the 38 page for more history. A 1955 map indicates that 530 may have once used North Pemberton Road (Burlington CR 630) instead of South Pemberton Road, probably ending at 537 in Eastampton.

End photos

ends at Route 206 (US 206/38)
Burlington CountySouthampton TownshipPemberton Rd
Pemberton TownshipPemberton Rd
Pemberton BoroughHampton St, Pemberton Bypass
Pemberton TownshipPemberton Bypass, Pemberton-Browns Mills Rd, Lakehurst Rd, Route 70
Ocean CountyManchester TownshipRoute 70, Roosevelt City Rd, Lacey Rd, Keswick Rd
Berkeley TownshipKeswick Rd, Dover Rd
[South Toms River Borough](Berkeley Township)Dover Rd
South Toms River BoroughDover Rd, S Main St
Toms River TownshipS Main St
ends at Water St (527/549/166)

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