New Jersey Roads - Jefferson Rd., Hanover

Jefferson Road, Hanover

This is not an old white guide sign remaining from the 1940s, but probably replaced one of those, at the south end of Jefferson Rd. near I-287. It had surprising staying power, getting replaced by yet another white sign, but the octagon reflectors are long gone.

Northbound about halfway along Jefferson Rd., featuring a contractor's finest efforts. What is the Township of Hanover trying to say on the old green sign? Near as I can tell, it reads "JEFFERSON RD., PARSIPPANY" "THRU TRAFFIC USE 287 NORTH" (for one whole exit). I got out and read this sign (on Jefferson Rd. NB), and took four different photos, and this is the best I could do.

Jefferson Rd. NB meets CR 511 at the north edge of Hanover Twp. My casual observation is that pushing the button does give a green light to Jefferson, but not a very long one.

Jefferson Rd. jogs along CR 511 and restarts in Parsippany with the same name and the same straight alignment. This SB sign at East Halsey Rd. may have been useful years ago, but it's sure not valid now.

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