New Jersey Roads - I-95/NJ Turnpike Int. 6-9 Widening - 2013

I-95/NJ Turnpike Interchange 6-9 Widening, January/December 2013

Northbound in January 2013, courtesy Lou Corsaro. This marked the first opportunity for traffic to use the new Exit 8, which was only open from I-95 NB to NJ 33/133, so he made the most of it. All other ramps were still in the old trumpet interchange on the west side.

As much of the plaza as was open in 2013, and total closure of the entry plaza while the ramps were being constructed, again courtesy Lou Corsaro.

While we're at Exit 8, let's jump to December as the new interchange was fully open and the old one was starting to be taken apart. The trumpet is being replaced by a simple driveway for the maintenance yard, built on the former EB ramp to the toll plaza. You can see that remaining ramp under the snow in the 2nd photo.

I include this August 2014 photo for comparison, as the new season's grass grows in and obscures the old roadway.

Heading north from Exit 8 to the old split south of Exit 9 on the existing Turnpike, which will become the new Inner Roadway. This project was so critical, temporary variable speed limit signs were erected along the highway. Those are expensive. Highlights include upgrading existing median barrier, a swing into the new roadways to reconstruct an existing underpass, another swing out for the new Interchange 8A (photos 10-16), then back into the old Inner/Outer Roadway split to end it.

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