New Jersey Roads - I-95/NJ Turnpike Int. 6-9 Widening - 2012

I-95/NJ Turnpike Interchange 6-9 Widening, October 2012

The new I-195 entrance ramp to the future NB Inner Roadway flies over the incomplete Outer Roadway.

Interchange 8 construction takes shape on the east side of the road, and the last photo shows the future NB Inner Roadway merge. It will fly over what's currently a big pile of dirt, but will become the Outer Roadway sometime after the new interchange opens. The overpass at the back of the interchange is Milford Rd., which used to come into NJ 33 directly opposite NJ 133, but now that's the role of the Exit 8 roadway. The old interchange, still active in 2012, is on the west side of the Turnpike, and features an underpowered trumpet and outdated toll plaza. After the new interchange later opened, the old overpass and ramps were partially torn out, but part of the interchange was maintained for material storage, construction staging, and access to the Central District maintenance yard. In October 2012, the new NB onramp had opened to the Outer Roadway, then crossing over to merge into the old (future Inner) road. All other traffic still used the old interchange.

Being stuck in traffic gave me a lot of opportunities to take photos in a relatively short distance. These photos start at the Molly Pitcher Service Area south of Exit 8A and probably end at Station Rd. (it's hard to tell without signs, and when not traveling anywhere near 1 mile per minute), looking over my shoulder to the west and east in the last two photos. You can guess at which bridges are being built or demolished.

More photos of ongoing Outer Roadway construction, mostly consisting of shoulder widening or closed shoulders prior to beginning bridge construction. Only the last photo looks left; the rest all face west.

The first two photos are at a new authorized vehicle overpass taking shape north of Hightstown, and I then crawl toward the new Exit 8 ramps. The last three photos show both sides of the future SB Inner Roadway ramp, awaiting beams for the Outer Roadway overpass.

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