New Jersey Roads - I-95/NJ Turnpike Int. 6-9 Widening - 2010

I-95/NJ Turnpike Interchange 6-9 Widening, October 2010

Northbound from Exits 6 to 7, October 2010, which is where most of the work was occurring (the first section with new roadways constructed - work started from Exits 8A-9 but that was just to widen the two-lane outer roadways to three lanes). Every overpass not wide enough for all four roadways will be replaced, including, unfortunately, the original Exit 7 bridge that remained as an authorized vehicle U-turn after the new exit opened (see the last few photos). Every so often, there are columns or other structures to the right (between the future car and truck lanes) for sign bridges.

Same day, SB starting south of Exit 8. The first ten or so photos are just clearing work (on both sides of the Turnpike) - those barriers on the outside seem quite a bit too close to hold three full lanes and shoulders inside. Overpasses are getting extended in the Exit 7A area, which is quite a challenge considering the most trafficked road crossing above the Turnpike is I-195. Of course, everything is planned to go in place with a minimum of commotion.

Continuing down to Exit 6. I think the first photo is a future U-turn roadway, since there are no new crossings I know about for public roads - just replacing whatever's already there. Unfortunately, the original old sign above Exit 6 will soon disappear - the covered arrow is a hint that it just doesn't jibe with the final configuration. Even though both roadways would fit under the sign, they both head south and they both have exit ramps to the right.

Past Exit 6 until the widening ends. The first photo is of Mansfield Road, which I think was just closed entirely because CR 678 is just to the south. Makes it much easier to get work done when cars aren't driving all over it.

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