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Four now-gone SB signs, courtesy HNTB, with the first three on the lower level roadway and the last on that of the upper level (this is where the GWB roadway configuration transitions into the express-local setup). You can see the new sign already up in the second pic.

Courtesy HNTB, the last chance to stay on I-95 (the ramp from the Upper Level to the Local Lanes), as NJ 4 takes off.

Looking west (SB) from Edgewood Road.

At the end of the Exit 70 offramp.

On the SB C-D road at Exit 70, which gets tangled with Exit 69 immediately to the west, is the last old SB assembly for Exit 69 that wasn't recently replaced. I would guess there was once a Meadowlands shield (gold on blue) on the left sign.

Hark the beginning of I-80, the mightiest route of all.

Three more takes, courtesy HNTB. The first sign is a case of Contractor Messing Up. If you don't see it, well, figure out how to find the GSP heading WB anywhere in the state, let alone coming off I-95 at Exit 69. Not sure if sign surgery was done or if a whole new one was cooked up. The second and third photos have now-dead assemblies, showing a rash of changes applied to the signs before they were mercifully put to death.

One last hark from 1973, courtesy Michael Summa, before guiderail separated the Local and Express Lanes and sound barriers separated everyone from the road.

Challenger Rd. (Bergen CR 33, as short a road as it is) SB courtesy Greg Pniewski. Straight ahead is the US 46 ramp that can also take you right back to Challenger.

See that TURNPIKE SOUTH sign in the first photo? This is around where Turnpike maintenance once took over from NJDOT maintenance, before the Turnpike Authority bought that last section with its excess money. Of course, that's not an NJTA sign at all, but a Great Adventure sign - the NJTA removed all of them, but of course left a few droppings like this one. The exit ramp manages to have button copy in reflective and nonreflective forms, both within short distance and easily seen from the mainline. Connect below to the US 46 page or scan through here for more signs from this area.

These SB signs, courtesy HNTB, probably dated from the completion of this stretch of I-95, and are gone now. They both once had Teaneck Rd./The Ridgefields, with LAST EXIT BEFORE TOLL in button-copy white-on-green set off by a horizontal line, and the first one may have had a distance (say, 1/4 or 1/2 mile) on it as well, while the second one had a funky arrow. You can also tell that New Jersey Turnpike was patched on the left BGS in the second photo. Technically, this isn't the last exit before the toll, because you can always U-turn in the Vince Lombardi service area for free (or, if you're lucky, get into the Meadowlands on game day).

SB approaching the eastern/western roadways split, at the very top of the Turnpike proper. Yup, that's a rare black-background shield. Before you get confused, the first (Exit 17) BGS hangs over the express lanes, and the second (Exit 16W) is over the locals. That doesn't stop motorists from getting confused, of course, especially considering that the through route may be signed for either spur at any time, depending on traffic.

The old SB VMS governing this split for the local lanes, courtesy HNTB and now gone.

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