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The first two are Westerly Alignment, the last two are Easterly Alignment, and all four courtesy HNTB and now gone. They are all NB and thus where the local/express setup is about to begin. But first, the I-80 ramp leaves to become the innermost roadway on this short stretch of free I-95. These original signs (well, not from the original four-lane Turnpike, obviously) have motorized panels that can display different messages (usually three). Most of these have now replaced their panels with reflective lettering, but a few still have button copy.

First photo is mine, third is courtesy Lou Corsaro, and the rest are courtesy HNTB Corporation. These mostly-defunct signs once were the NB progression leading to US 46, where the Turnpike once ended, meaning that six lanes of Turnpike traffic (really eight, but some would head west to I-80) was dumped into four lanes of US 46. That didn't work so well. The signage in the fourth photo is the more current version (this was taken before the panels were replaced in the left VMS - you can see the last bits of button copy still lingering and the duplication of the I-95 shield); click on it for an older version. The last photo, with the poppin' shields, was on the exit ramp; the extra room on the EAST US 46 sign doubtless was used to guide motorists to the George Washington Bridge when the Turnpike ended here. Yes, this sign was that old, and yet still functional to the end. There is still a remnant of the old end where the NB offramp to US 46 WB crosses 46 and loops around; the old SB onramp is still attached to the 46 overpass, though the rest of it has been demolished.

Same sign on each split of the Exit 68 ramp, to 46 WB (first photo) or EB (second photo), both courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Signage approaching and then in the NB inner lanes, which are dedicated to I-80 WB, so by that point the second photo is the only choice you get.

Two old signs, courtesy HNTB, both gone now. The first hung over I-95 NB, with the left BGS over the dedicated I-80 ramp (as in, you're stuck, so the sign was gratuitous), while the second was at the split in that ramp as the rest of 95 turns eastward.

I-95 splits into Local and Express at the I-80 interchange. For 27 years I didn't know there was a mate to the one two photos below until I found this. Go read that caption for more.

The famous Edgewood Road bridge across the cut in the Palisades that I-95 must use to climb from the lowlands to the jumping-off point of the George Washington Bridge at the top of the famous cliffs.

Looking east (NB) from Edgewood Road.

This I-87 sign is as old as those with state names in the shields, but either this is Port Authority signage, or else NJ took special care to avoid tagging I-87 as one of its own Interstates. Of course, most people know it as the Deegan anyway. Notice that there are only two font sizes, and the smaller one is in the shield (it could probably stand to be series D instead of C and one notch larger than the sign's large font).

This old BGS used to overhang the Exit 72 ramp, which combines with offshoots from NJ 4 EB and US 46/1/9 EB/NB. US 9W begins here and heads northward, and there is indeed re-entry to the bridge if you just go straight onto Bridge Plaza South. Look closely at this sign, and you'll see the ghosts of shields past.

The replacement is ground-mounted, combines US 1 and 9, and shows the Palisades Parkway in a (white-background, incorrectly) shield, but still omits which directions these routes run. US 1-9 NB and 46 EB are straight ahead on I-95, so these should be North, West, South, West, and North, respectively.

This isn't the end of I-95 in New Jersey, but rather marks the end of Turnpike Authority maintenance at the tollbooth approach, where the Port Authority takes over. The first sign is courtesy HNTB, and occurs by Exit 72 (the US 9W overpass). The mileage sign dates from when NJDOT maintained the preceding stretch of road (starting at Exit 68 pretty much). Both NB.

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