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Free I-95 (northern)

The top of the unique Edgewood Road arch overpass of the I-95 freeway north of Exit 71. I have a photo from I-95 on the NB page linked at top.

I-95 Northbound

I-95 Southbound

Button copy lurking around the Vince Lombardi service area, the northernmost facility on the Turnpike. It has access to and from all three directions of I-95; south of here, the Easterly and Westerly Alignments diverge for several miles to alternately serve the Lincoln Tunnel and Meadowlands. The next to last photo tells you that the Easterly Alignment is the mainline; presumably, the signs could be changed to a configuration that will only sign Tunnel traffic to the Easterly Alignment and give the mainline as the Westerly Alignment. This is on this page because traffic can U-turn here and not pay a toll.

South on the NJ Turnpike Easterly Alignment
South on the NJ Turnpike Westerly Alignment
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