New Jersey Roads - I-95/NJ Turnpike Ramps

I-95 and NJ Turnpike ramps

The Exit 7 ramp.

On the Exit 7A ramp to I-195, and as you can see is patched over; the patch is recent, so click on it for the old version courtesy Doug Kerr.

Leaving on Exit 8. I'm impressed that the new NJ 133 sign matches the older NJ 33 sign.

These are off Exit 8A, with the ubiquitous "Obey the law" signs and nearly the beginning of NJ 32. Despite that sign, NJ Straight Line Diagrams say that NJ 32 begins where the ramps from I-95 connect to the overpass, although all other official documents suggest 32 begins at the eastern end of the overpass, across I-95's 10 (soon to be 12) lanes. I'm inclined to believe the latter, since it would be difficult for NJDOT to have built only part of an overpass, and they wouldn't turn over some but not all of it to the county as Middlesex CR 612. Oh yeah, and maintenance and signage both put the terminus at the overpass' end as well.

As of 2013, Exit 8A traffic to NJ 32 WB followed a new ramp to CR 535 to eliminate the merge just before the latter's intersection. That left the old abandoned ramp in place, looking south in the first photo from the adjacent ramp to NJ 32 EB and north across 32 in the second photo.

Off Exit 9, featuring 2014 construction to widen NJ 18 and the Turnpike ramps that pushed the highway mainline east toward the toll plaza.

Coming onto Exit 10 from I-287/NJ 440/one of many other roads. Between Exits 14 and 8A, prospective mainline Turnpike travelers face the choice in the second photo (well, they only have a choice if they're in cars).

Although this belongs on the Garden State Parkway page, since it's the Exit 11 onramp, I include it here to show you why these are variable message signs. Here are the other two possible messages between Exits 14 and 8A.

One long gantry with many cool signs greeting people on Exit 10, perhaps the coolest on the left with the button copy Interstate shield. Click each sign for a closeup.

The continuation of Exit 10 signs, heading to I-287 NB. The old NJ 440 and US 9 shields are terribly nonreflective due to their age, though it's clear there was an even earlier NJ 440 shield on the sign at one point. The signs at this interchange are all old enough that NJ 440 is signed east-west instead of north-south, a relatively recent change made to fit with the rest of 440 as it goes through NY and back into NJ in Bayonne. By the final photo, the ramp from CR 514 EB has merged in, meaning that you could theoretically go from 514 EB to 514 EB on this ramp, or from I-95/Turnpike back to I-95. Also, the "TO" in the last photo's left sign relates to having I-95 SB follow now-I-287 and the Somerset Freeway.

Liked those old signs? Then click to drive past all of them in one video and come back where you started. Can't do that anywhere else but a circle or a cloverleaf.

Heading off Exit 11 and past the tollbooths, one first encounters the ramp to the GSP NB, and then comes to this old sign, yes, with yummy button-copy shields and still the failure to use a single GSP shield. Hey, are you sure the Turnpike Authority controls the Highway Authority now? Also a square and ugly NJ 440 shield, for those who just can't wait till Exit 10. It's all the Tangle, it's all good. Going straight merges you with the GSP SB ramp to US 9 SB, and then 9 SB comes in. Go to the GSP page for more, link below.

This Exit 12 offramp sign could use replacement and a shield.

If it hasn't been replaced already, it will soon, because the entire interchange was reconstructed to add a lot of tollbooths. However, until traffic volumes (especially from trucks to the industrial area of Carteret) pick up, the new booths remain closed. The patched over shield isn't related to the trucks at all, it's a function of who owns the highway. The town wants the county to take it over, but so far that hasn't happened. I wonder if there are two other digits after the "6" on the shield or if that depends on what Middlesex County may ultimately decide. Or a more permanent patch may be needed if a different solution is reached. I'd recommend a few more colors for the traffic signal sign while they're at it.

A new assembly on Harrison Ave. NB as part of Interchange 12 reconstruction. The Turnpike does use circle arrows, but they're supposed to be white on green.

A problematic new assembly on the Exit 13 ramp, courtesy HNTB Corporation, and then an old shield on the same ramp. NORTH NJ 439 should lead TO US 1 US 9; they're not all multiplexed.

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