New Jersey Roads - NJ Turnpike (NJ 700)

New Jersey Turnpike, NJ 700

The original southern tollbooth, courtesy HNTB Corporation, and its pretty replacement, photo courtesy me but tollbooth courtesy HNTB.

SB on the Turnpike, approaching Exit 1 for US 40 amidst toll plaza construction, first two photos courtesy Lou Corsaro. Actually, the toll plaza for the mainline just north of the exit is really Exit 1, which is why there are no exit tabs here (or northbound, as you'll see below). I refer to US 40/NJ 140 as Exit 1 just because otherwise, there's no logical number, and it would be a rare unnumbered exit on a pre-1970 New Jersey freeway.

SB advance signage for the last exit in NJ, which is really on the about-to-merge I-295 SB.

Old and then small signage, NB at "Exit 1", then a little white sign on the ramp. Second photo courtesy Lou Corsaro, and click on the first one for a clearer but smaller version also from Lou.

Most of the single-digit mileposts have no leading 0, but plenty do for some reason. Just south of that is the last rest area, with peculiarly bright A's.

Like some of the Exit 3 signs (at least southbound), this SB sign is cracking.

Southbound, one of two US 13 teardrops I've seen in either NJ or Delaware. Also may be the furthest north CBBT trailblazer.

New sign, narrow shield, southbound. The left sign should have at least one arrow.

SB, with the last sign on the exit ramp, showing unusual directional banners on a BGS - why not just print the directions on the sign? Also no backgrounds on those shields, so they're probably Turnpike Authority-commissioned.

Notice the aversion to upper-case lettering. This sign is found whenever you exit the Turnpike, a friendly reminder that you're back in the real world again (and totally unnecessary - do they have to tell you to obey laws?). This exact sign is at Exit 4.

1976 bicentennial bridge sign (hence the seal at the lower left), pointing along NJ 73 NB toward NJ 38.

Again SB, the two-mile sign has four destinations, the equally new one-mile sign (not here) has three, and the quite old exit sign has but two. I've never heard of the two W towns myself, so maybe they're still on the rise. Personal note: I love the arrows on these signs!

Three signs from 1970, courtesy Michael Summa, that you can add to the SB run. There is no longer any five-mile advance on the Turnpike, and the overpass in the background now sags a bit (all of the original ones do on this stretch). Also, there is no longer any humped exit signage. This is the only example I got with the hump on the bottom, so I don't know if it was a sign layout error or an alternative with many other brethren. Finally, there is no longer a ground-mounted advance sign immediately prior to the exit - overhead signage takes care of it.

Northbound, then down the Exit 5 ramp, with the final photo courtesy Lou Corsaro and pointing along CR 541 North.

SB past Exit 6, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

In November 2014, the extension of the dualized roadways from "Interchanges 6-9" resulted in a length of such south of Exit 6 on NJ 700. These were the last signs manufactured in the old Turnpike style, featuring a giant exit number and, I suppose, the distance next to it, instead of a standard exit tab and distance location. "South I-95" is hidden until PA completes its decades-late connection in 2018, but there's no reason the pull-through couldn't list North I-95.

The SB scene heading into the nearly-open new merge.

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