New Jersey Roads - I-295 NB S. of Cherry Hill/US 40

south of Cherry Hill and I-295/US 40

Click to drive the Delaware Memorial Bridge northbound out of Delaware.

These are just across the Delaware Memorial Bridge, at the very beginnings of US 130 (Exit 1B), NJ 49, and the NJ Turnpike (NJ 700). US 40 exits the Turnpike roadway before the toll barrier. Note that the shields don't have their black square backgrounds - I blame this on the DRBA (Delaware River and Bay Authority).
Side rant: NJ is involved in six toll authorities - and it was seven until the Turnpike Authority took over the Highway Authority. The DRBA and NY-NJ Port Authority are two more, leaving PA and NJ in two separate compacts - the DRJTBC (Joint Toll Bridge Commission) and DRPA (Port Authority). And of course, the Atlantic City Expressway has its own as well, the South Jersey Transportation Authority. Ah, bureaucracy at its finest.

LGS's mark the left and right sides of the Exit 2 offramp that actually carries CR 551 NB, which just merged into I-295 NB at Exit 2A. All the good stuff to the left is really on NJ 140.

I'd just like to point out the rarity of finding an open weigh station, and the even greater rarity of a black button copy sign.

That's not bad photo-taking, those are sign wrinkles from bad reflective-backing application.

The northbound run of the only nonreflective stretch of signage left on I-295. CR 673 is the new shield over what used to be Spur CR 551.

The last sign is fully reflective, but the EXIT ONLY should be a sign-bottom panel, not a slap-on.

The last two photos are of signs on the exit ramp.

The new advance signs for the exits show all of the shields, but it's a lot and it just looks wrong for them not to be in numerical order.

This is the end of the US 130 multiplex, which started back at Exit 13 (SB-SB/NB-NB only). I-295, despite being constructed as the 130 freeway, never multiplexes with it again. Click on the first photo to see what it looked like with a three-digit shield. That's right, this isn't an old shield that has been replaced by a newer one, it's an old one replacing a newer one. The three-digit shield must have come down at some point, and NJDOT could only find an old one to slap back on. This is one of the stories that roadgeeks tell when we go to bars together.

Crown Point Rd. NB, original NJSHR 44 and US 130, at the ramp that joins the NB Exit 23 offramp (i.e. US 130 NB). This and the Academy St. ramps around the corner are why this NB offramp has both a NB onramp and a SB onramp.

The main lanes do their hard left with another giant flashing arrow like the SB one on the other side of the interchange, while this express exit goes off on its own. The RIDOT construction shield was seen on the lower right of the Exit 26 gantry.

Click to drive through I-76 construction at night.

To answer myself on the SB page - the diner itself is spelled Phily. The sign isn't the typo at all, as strange as it seems. Even if this is an old but acceptable abbreviation of Philadelphia, keeping it on the diner into the 21st century is tacky.

If this sign looked old in 1973, imagine what a gem it would be now. Courtesy Michael Summa.

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