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south of Morristown

Due to Harter Rd. reconstruction, the sign was moved down from the overpass to temporary wooden posts in late 2009. Click the last photo to see the result.

The 3rd/4th photos are left/right on the same gantry and the last photo is on the Exit 26 ramp. Only Exit 26 gets JCT shields on I-287 for whatever reason.

Remnants of when NJDOT tried to add left lanes in each direction and make them HOV-only. Traffic flows well here now but only without that restriction.

The non-cutout shields are from 2007 construction, which hopefully will be over very quickly and will eliminate these shields. Those two photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro's camera. The two penultimate photos are left and right on the same gantry.

On the merge from I-78 WB, a heavily used two-lane ramp that takes the lion's share of the inner roadway, is it more important to know what direction you're going, or the internal designation of the ramp you just used? This is the only time I've seen ramps signed with actual shields instead of LGS's.

Aerial view of the complex I-78 interchange in all its left-ramp glory. The EB-NB ramp in the upper left quadrant is unused, and was only put in for construction staging many years ago.

Again, the dual roadway configuration mentioned in the NB section, and again, both roadways are accessible from and have access to the mainline. This first run of photos follows the inner (not Express per se) lanes. The two roadways merge just past Exit 17. Notice the 3dus 22 shield in the third picture.

Now the signage in the outer lanes. The 1-mile advance shares an overpass with the inner lanes' 1-mile advance, but otherwise the gantries are positioned a little after those of the inner lanes. The wide 22 mistake is not repeated here.

There is no grace to these signs, from the squished 14's to the straight stub of a left exit on the diagrammatic. I also noticed the exit tab is misaligned on the last one. The last two photos are left and right on the same gantry.

Room was left for an NJ 18 shield all the way back in the early 1990's when these signs were erected. Extending NJ 18 north of New Brunswick was part of the original plan, and while I thought it died and then was revived in 2001, this sign shows otherwise, that the plan was alive the entire time. The exit tab allows for an A-B, although I don't know what the proposed interchange would have looked like. (NJ 18 would have crossed I-287 west of Centennial, necessitating a typical NJ interchange with convoluted local access.)

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