New Jersey Roads - I-287

Above: James St. NB at Southgate Pkwy. James St. has the onramps that go with the Exit 33 (Harter Road) offramps, forming essentially an onramp-only Exit 34. There's a second photo from James St. atop the SB page (Morristown and south).

Left: Ridgedale Ave. SB in Morristown at Exit 36 (first), Stelton Rd. WB and S. Washington Avenue (CR 665) NB (second and third, respectively) in Piscataway.

I-287 NB, Morristown and south

I-287 NB, north of Morristown

I-287 SB, north of Morristown

I-287 SB, Morristown and south

Right: William St. EB at N. Rand... olphville Rd., which leads to Exit 7 on I-287.

Harter Rd. EB at James St., in Morris Township (the outskirts of Morristown). The Rt 24 referenced here is former NJ 24, not the modern freeway-only route.
Follow I-287 into NY and I-87/I-287 or NY 17
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