New Jersey Roads - I-287

Above: James St. NB at Southgate Pkwy. James St. has the onramps that go with the Exit 33 (Harter Road) offramps, forming essentially an onramp-only Exit 34. There's a second photo from James St. atop the SB page (Morristown and south).

Ridgedale Ave. SB in Morristown at Exit 36 (first), Stelton Rd. WB and S. Washington Avenue (CR 665) NB (second and third, respectively) in Piscataway. The last photo is Harter Rd. EB at James St., in Morris Township (the outskirts of Morristown). The Rt 24 referenced here is former NJ 24, not the modern freeway-only route.

I-287 NB, Morristown and south

I-287 NB, north of Morristown

I-287 SB, Morristown and north

I-287 SB, south of Morristown

Right: William St. EB at N. Rand... olphville Rd., which leads to Exit 7 on I-287.

From the 1956 Middlesex County map from the NJ State Highway Deptt. Bureau of Planning and Traffic, we see a much simpler dual trumpet interchange planned at I-95, instead of the sprawling idiosyncracy that it has become by being oriented to the east.

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