New Jersey Roads - I-195 WB

Last photo courtesy Doug Kerr. CR 539 here is also CR 524, which joined it just north of the interchange.

Any idea what was in that rightmost sign before it was clearly cleaned out and reworded/reshielded? Was it just Washington as a destination? I find the button-copy-framed reflective-lettered signs fascinating, as they were clearly recycled from something else, but only a very close inspection of the sign or a historical photo can uncover the truth.

Why suddenly the switch to all-text? It's possible the text BGS is one generation older than the one with the Turnpike shield, but it doesn't seem like it. Also, there should be an I-95 shield on that sign. I believe these were recently replaced, and that the latter bit of information was included.

Right before the Exit 5B ramp merges into US 130, it gets a 2dus shield for fun.

Daaaang that's an old US 206 shield, and sadly that sign, taken by Doug Kerr, is long gone. Also check out the funky exit number - what should be Exit 0 or unnumbered is Exit 60. That's because I-195 used to flow directly into I-295 (before 295 was constructed/reconstructed between exits 62 and 57), and for whatever reason, NJDOT decided to transition the exit numbers east of the actual changeover, and never bothered undoing the damage. Finally, why is Trenton signed from 30 miles away, but not from 3?

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